Data Mining and ICT Policies in Organizational Decision Making Paper

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How Data Mining and information communication technology policies are critical components in organizatioal decision making today. 2000 words or 12 page

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Data mining and information technology: A Gateway to Machine learning


Decisions seen as or regarded as ineffective have the potency of harming decision makers
themselves and significant others. On the other hand, good decisions impact positively on all
factors involved in the business. Both data mining and information communication technology
policies are critical components in organizational decision making today. Proper management
decision making of an organization calls for the understanding of the environment in which the
company operates. Decision making is a major part of organizational leadership and
management. Decision-making models assist an organization in nurturing creativity; improve the
performance and effectiveness of its employees. the application of data mining and ICT policies
would help. The inability to deal with the dramatic upcoming changes and negative trends can
lead to a big challenge to the prosperity of global networks in an organization. These challenges
bring about the need for effective and efficient policy-making and governance which addresses
welfare reduction impacts. Therefore, information and communication technology innovation
investment to support policymaking, policy modeling, and good governance is a global goal.
The success of decision making in an organization is based on the ability of managers to
influence employee performance through decision making. This requires the leaders of an
organization to clearly outline a company’s vision and use this inspires its employees to achieve
positive performance. Therefore decision making must be aligned with the ability to lead as well
as manage an organization. The management of an organization should, therefore, use its
decisions and policies as a strategic objective to influence employee performance (Northouse,
2004). The decisions made take place mostly between the strategic analysis phase whereby the


informed and thoughtful choice of intervention is based on analysis and the phase whereby
analysis is not complete.
Complexity is a situation where a system composing of a number of interacting elements
which behavioral state is hard to characterize. A simple example of these is a double pendulum.
A double pendulum consists of very small parts that are connected to the joints that have sets of
unpredictable behavior when it is set swinging under the gravity. If a release at the pendulum
happens it moves chaotically because of the interactions between upper and lower joints. These
lead to a change in behavior that is not predictable. It is caused by a fundamental position of
uncertain precise of its parts and the lack of a solvable solution to a three-body problem which
was proved in 1887 by Poincare and Bruns. After release, it gets in a predictable motion to a
more realistic degree of accuracy which then begins to move away from any prediction until it
moves in another path.
The said motion at this point are unpredictable and becomes less erratic hence hangs still
due to friction. It becomes a demonstration even in the very simple physical system. A complex
behavior may arise due to interactions expressed in different behaviors from stability to chaotic.
There more complicated physical behaviors such as atmospheric systems in the world. The social
or biological systems are expected to display complex behavior reason being they compose of
large interacting numbers of agents. A complex may also arise if such systems are described in a
simple set of equation.
Social systems have different stages which are usually gruesomely experienced by
managers and policymakers. A grip situation is preferred by most managers and policy makers
who try to communic...

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