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For decades, relational databases remained essentially unchanged; data was segmented into specific chunks for columns, slots, and repositories, also called structured data. However, in this Internet of Things (IoT) era, databases need to be reengineered because the very nature of data has changed. Today’s databases need to be developed with the needs of IoT in mind and have the ability to perform real-time processing to manage workloads that are dynamic. For example, relational databases should be able to work with real-time data streaming and big data (an example was presented in the Unit III Lesson).

Scenario: Falcon Security wants their customers to be able to view security video footage in real-time and provide customers with the ability to query video footage for viewing. Choosing a database solution such as MongoDB would allow Falcon Security to store customer video footage in the same database as the metadata.

To do this, Falcon Security needs a way to manage the demands of real-time data streaming for real-time analytics. Conduct some research for a NoSQL database application, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, that could meet this need. How would switching to a real-time database solution help Falcon Security remain competitive? Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the components listed below.

  • Provide a brief introduction to IoT.
  • Present the argument to the Falcon Security CEO that switching to a more dynamic database structure (NoSQL real-time database) will meet the demands of IoT.
  • Introduce some features of the database you chose, whether it is MongoDB, Cassandra, or another database.
  • Describe how switching to a more dynamic database will give Falcon Security a competitive advantage.

Your presentation must be a minimum of six slides in length (not counting the title and reference slides), and you must use at least two academic resources. Any information from a resource used must be cited and referenced in APA format.

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Case Study: Falcon Security
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❖ IoT is the interconnection of physical objects the internet to facilitate
❖The interconnected devices must contain electronics embedded within
their architecture.

❖The IoT is driven by the combination of four components:
❖Sensors and actuators
❖Data processing
❖User interface

NoSQL real-time Database
Falcon Security should switch to NoSQL real-time database for four main
❖It contains an object-oriented programming
❖It does not enforce a strict schema
❖It allows for highly flexible data modeling
❖It has dramatically better agility and scalability
❖It can handle massive volumes of new, rapidly changing data types

Features of a MongoDB database
❖Support ad hoc queries

Features of a MongoDB Database (Cont..)
❖Aggregation Framework
❖Grid File System
❖Multiple storage engines
❖Capped Collections

Gaining Competitive Advantage
By using the MongoDB Database, Flacon Security will gain
competitive advantage through the following ways:
❖Real-time marketing
❖Better customer experiences
❖Configuration management
❖Maintaining location-based data
❖Real-time analytics and high-speed logging
❖Efficient resource utilization
❖Reduced human efforts

❖ IoT is a big science that helps firms to gain competitive
❖It deals with the collected data, interconnectedness, and
❖Dynamic databases such as NoSQL (MongoDB Database)places
security firms such as Falcon Security in a better position in the
❖It also facilitate processes by improving process performance

❖Whitmore, A...

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