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On the last team assignment, you described how your organization planned for and will execute the recovery process when an incident occurs.

This week's team assignments require you to:

  • Describe the methods used to continuously improve the BC process
  • Base on the industry you previously selected, list and describe key international standards in IR/DR/BC

Please review the presentation tips and presentation tool for help with designing your team's assignment for this week.


The team lead should compile and upload the final document with team members name listed on the upper right of the Word document.

Create a group presentation consisting of approximately 16 slides that present the main idea(s), assumptions, and recommendations for creating and implementing the security policy program. At a minimum, include:

  • One title slide
  • One topic introduction slide
  • Approximately 8 to 10 content slides
  • One conclusion slide
  • One current APA formatted reference slide
  • Lecture notes for each slide

***Must include a list of references used to complete your work. (perferebaly not more than 3 years old

Brief overview:

This week you will explore the preparation for and the implementation of the DRP process. Because DR and BC, both of which play a part in the business resumption (BR) plan, are similar in many regards, it follows that there will be repetition in the underlying preparations and planning. However, although the two may look very similar in structure, and perhaps even in content, they have very different objectives. DR focuses on resuming operations at the normal operating facility (or facilities), known as the primary site. BC concentrates on resuming critical functions at another, alternate site.

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Explanation & Answer


Disaster Recovery Management
June 19, 2019


Disasters leave long term impacts

The team must adopt Disaster recovery plans

The main aim is to reduce any further damages and costs

The process involves different departments of the society

The requirements are an experienced staff, planned
procedures and disaster supplies.

Business continuity is also a segment of disaster recovery

Business Continuity Management
System (BCMS)

It is the process to support business continuity
(BC) and disaster recovery (DR)

The BCMS includes planning and
implementation of activities


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