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STEP 1- View the photos in this module.  Photo page. Choose one to use as your inspiration for your monologue.  

Step two: Using one of the photos as inspiration develop a character then write a short monologue (no more than 1 page) A Monologue is one actor speaking.  Shakespeare used these often.  You might of even had to memorize a monologue in your high school English or Drama class.  Some ideas-You should know your characters wants likes fears, After your rough draft edit your monologue- no need for repeats.  See the example of a monologue I attached from a new play called Cicada. View in Module page Monologue.

Please keep your monologue PG.  Remember that most of the scene needs to be about your character TALKING...scripts are about what the characters are SAYING. You can write some actions or stage directions, but you really need to concentrate on the dialogue.

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Monologue Cicada Example Example of a monologue: Ace- I hear Momma's late night radio talking at me through the cracks in the plaster walls. Talking 'bout ever-lasting life... ever-lasting. I, myself never had too much of an opinion about that kind of heaven. It never quite seemed all that interesting to me. I mean gold floors would be nice and all. But after a few days who cares, really. Radio Preacher (voice over) :... and the church said amen... (In dim light, Lily turns the channel on the transistor radio, arriving on gentle music. The sound softly fills the air.) Ace- Dying's not so bad. You just don't want to die here... not in this house. When you die inside this house you get stuck... trapped..wedged in between the floorboards like an old penny. Held up in the pinesap of it. Your soul goes to fly out the window... and it gets hung in the drapes. Hangin' in the window there. Lookin' out-of-doors for always... just blowin' around in the wind. Catchin. Whatever daylight there is to catch... cold stars way away... suspended in nothing... wanting something. Seems like the more you long for out, the more you're apt to never get there. There's two kinds of people trapped in this house... folks too anxious to get out of their body, and the ones who had no intention of goin' anywhere in the first place. My Grandmother was one of the anxious ones... too anxious to get out of the life she managed to glue together. (The bedroom wall is backlit revealing the silhouette of a woman stepping onto a chair a noose hangs from the ceiling. She reaches for the noose as lights fade.) Ace-Yep, she was ready to go. Her soul went sailin' like a comet. Shhoom! Then, I'll be damned if she didn't look around and found herself all stitched up in the hem of this quilt. Layin' there for all eternity starring up at the cracks in the ceiling. From Cicada by Jerre Dye 自己。 10 CANAL
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