ACX703 Developing a Communication Research Project Assessment Task 1 Requirements:

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ACX703 Developing a Communication Research Project
Assessment Task 1 Requirements:
This assessment task requires students to critically review and evaluate a selection of literature and data sources to establish current knowledge of the topic on which
their proposed research project is based, and to demonstrate an understanding of what is already known about the topic. It is not a simple description or summary of
the literature and information sources available. The assessment task offers students an opportunity to commence their preliminary reading for their proposed
research project. As such, ‘the literature’ may include sources of information relevant to the professional practice (e.g. management of crisis communications) that
students intend to undertake in the delivery of their project in the following trimester of study.
The literature review should be structured like a standard academic essay and should address:
• The main ideas, theories, concepts and methodologies relevant to the project topic;
• Areas of agreement and disagreement related to the topic; and
• Any problems or gaps in the literature related to the topic.
Further advice for completing the literature review will be provided across the trimester. 

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Effect of News Commercialization on the Content of Private Media





For this project, I look forward to scrutinize the effect of news commercialization on news
credibility while broadcasting. I will reference two major television stations, National
Broadcasting Company (NBC) and American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and make use of
them as case studies.
I hope to make it clear if commercializing news have an effect on their credibility and evaluate
whether it encourages fairness, balance, accuracy or even the “brown envelope syndrome.” In
particular, I will research whether those who lack or have insufficient money have the chance to
have their events broadcasted via mass media such as televisions.
I will also evaluate whether the journalists, news editors and news managers look at their gate,
maintain their roles and still perform their watchdog spaces. By saying this, I mean whether they
will be able to maintain the required laws and ethics in the media or they can be brainwashed by
the money from the news sponsors.
I am also interested in knowing whether the audience knows that what they see in the media is
sponsored or owned by someone. In most cases, these sponsors are not mentioned while the
journalist is on the stage performing their mandate.
Statements of the Research Problems
There have been complaints from a section of Americans as they do not believe what they see on
the television screens. Some believe that the information might be misleading which means the



common ethical guiding principles such as integrity have been dropped along the way in search
of money. That is, editors and others in the department do not take time to verify whether what
they are broadcasting is misleading or they do it knowing it’s not correct. These claims can be
factual or otherwise. This is a key problem and I will be carrying out an exhaustive research on
it. It is good to note that it is the mandate of the whole broadcasting team to maintain the guiding
principles related to this field and if otherwise happens, we are in a big pit that is hard to get out.
Objectives of the Study
The main objectives of this project is to find out whether news commercialization has led to
moral decay of the broadcasting companies and in particular the NBC and ABC. It is commonly
known that the government does very little to ensure that these private media houses are
operating. For that reason, they will have to look for funds to keep them in play. This is one of
the motivating facto...

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