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Twitter plays a new and complicated role in this political era. While it’s been used for some time as a messaging tool, President Trump uses it to speak directly to his followers. His tweets provide commentary, and sometimes announce policy. Consequently, the political landscape now includes responding to tweets. Whether it is the news, the White House or organizations related to or interested in the topic of a tweet, rapid response to a presidential tweet is now common practice.

In this activity, you will practice responding to a presidential tweet. You will be required to find, evaluate, and effectively use information to make a case from a particular perspective. Unlike a research paper, which aspires to be neutral or unbiased, this activity asks you to respond to a tweet from a particular perspective. The five perspectives we will take are:

1. White House Press Secretary


3. Fox News

4. CNN

5. Huffington Post

Each group must craft four (4) minutes in response to the tweet, to be presented to the class. Your presentation format will depend on your organization’s perspective. For the White House Press Secretary, you should prepare a press briefing; advocacy organization, a press conference. The news organizations will present a news story.

You are seeking to justify, explain, argue for/against, analyze, and discuss the implications of the tweet from the perspective of your organization.

The audience will be able to ask you questions at the conclusion of your presentation, so prepare both your arguments and counter-arguments. Furthermore, group order will be randomly selected (News organizations could have a broadcast before the White House Press Briefing – the order of information-sharing is not set). Therefore, be prepared to counter arguments you hear before yours and to be flexible in your argument.

The goals of this simulation are for you to gain experience finding and critically evaluating information to support or counter a specific tweet and/or policy announcement (and to consider the political and social implications of tweets). Part of the exercise is also in using that information, and thinking critically about how information is created.

Evidence - Everyone’s discussion must be grounded in research around the subject of the tweet (it does not have to be grounded in research around what actually happened in response to the tweet – in fact we’d prefer it not to). The selected tweet will have a connection to the focus of our course (e.g., Discovery Civics), and part of your discussion should address those implications. You shouldn’t make up any information. The other teams can question your sources, so you need to be able to back them up.

Attribution - You must attribute your evidence in your discussion (i.e. According to Nielsen data…; A World Health Organization study found…). The evidence you use to support your discussion must be accurate and accessible.

Participation- Every group member must contribute research and analysis; the whole group will present. You will have to organize yourselves properly. Group work and division of labor is key to a successful presentation.

Submission – In addition to your in-class participation, you will be required to submit a bibliography of the sources you used, and your group’s presentation script.

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President Trump Tweet on Illegal Immigrants
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President Trump Tweet on Illegal Immigrants
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