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Analyze operations and supply chain trends for their benefits and drawbacks regarding social, environmental, and financial sustainability

Assess the coordination of sustainability efforts with trading partners across the supply chain for the extent to which it reduces environmental impacts

Assess organizational performance by applying triple bottom line theory in balancing social, environmental, and financial requirements

Evaluate business practices for their appropriateness in achieving sustainable operations in manufacturing and service operations

I. Overview

A. Briefly introduce the company you researched. Focus on the company’s sustainability efforts, especially its efforts to maintain financial, environmental, and social sustainability and what the results of these efforts have been.

B. How do emerging technologies or best practices affect environmental and social sustainability efforts at the company you researched? How do they affect the financial bottom line at this company? Be sure to provide support for your analysis. C. Assess this company’s collaboration with its suppliers and customers. Does this collaboration improve its environmental sustainability across the entire supply chain? If it does, what evidence is there of this? If it doesn’t, why do you think this is? Support your reasoning with evidence.

D. What metrics are this company using to assess how well it is meeting its environmental and social impact goals? What data are used to support these metrics, and how are these data collected? Explain why you think the company chose these metrics.

II. Environmental and Social Sustainability Plan

A. How might the technologies or best practices described in the overview be effective in meeting XYZ’s environmental and social sustainability goals? How might they hinder XYZ’s pursuit of environmental and social sustainability? Be sure to support your analysis.

B. How could XYZ collaborate with its suppliers to improve environmental and social sustainability across the entire supply chain? Be sure to support your assessment with the information you have previously researched.

C. Assess these efforts to collaborate with suppliers for their effectiveness in reducing XYZ’s environmental and social impact and provide support for your conclusions.

D. How could XYZ collaborate with its customers to improve environmental and social sustainability across the entire supply chain? Remember, customers can be both businesses and direct consumers. Be sure to support your assessment with the information you have previously researched.

E. Assess these efforts to collaborate with customers for their effectiveness in reducing XYZ’s environmental and social impact and provide support for your conclusions.

F. Choose metrics to assess how well XYZ Manufacturing Company is meeting its environmental and social impact goals. What data would be used to support these metrics? How would you collect these data? Explain why these metrics would be effective.

III. Implications for Financial Sustainability

A. How could this environmental and social sustainability plan potentially affect the financial sustainability of XYZ Manufacturing Company in the long term? Provide support for your explanation

. B. What are the implications of emerging technology or best practices for environmental and social sustainability on the financial bottom line of XYZ? How does this differ from the implications discussed earlier on your researched company? Provide supporting evidence for your answers.

IV. Integration

A. How do the financial, social, and environmental plans at XYZ come together to represent the best practices of sustainability? How do the practices suggested in the environmental and social sustainability plan relate to the company you researched previously? Provide support for your answers.

B. How do you balance and remove conflict among all three aspects of the triple bottom line? For example, how do you ensure that your plans for environmental sustainability do not negatively impact your plans for financial and social sustainability? Provide support for your answers.

C. Outline key milestones that XYZ Manufacturing Company would need to meet to achieve the same level of environmental, social, and financial sustainability as your researched company based on the timeline that it took your researched company to achieve its current level of sustainability and your current knowledge of the triple bottom line.

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Boeing supply chain management
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Boeing supply chain management
Boeing is among the most reputable flight companies on the globe, especially one that
provides companies with airplanes including the military for an amount of time that has also
earned it a reputation for the whole planet. Being a company, Boeing was founded in 1916, in
Puget Sound, Washington and was a young company that provided the military and the
commercial market with airplanes for an extended period of time ("The Boeing Company",
2005). For sustainability efforts, the company has focused on ensuring that the business
accommodates as many people as possible in regards to employees and also contracting other
jobs to other companies. For financial sustainability, the business has been able to grow into a
point where it has reached $101.1 billion in revenues for the year of 2018 and hiring more than
150,000 employees across the United States and across other countries ("Boeing Overview",
2018). It has then become more accommodative of the society and mostly the whole world since
it hires not only in the United States but also in other nations. In social stability, the company has
also grown to extends where it has reached 150 countries in regards to the services it provides
and has also supplied more than 20,000 contracts with other companies ("Boeing Overview",
2018). The environmental aspect is also considered by the company with the extension of its
earnings to the society especially with contribution to charity and the creation of airplane that
also conserve the environment. The aspect of emerging technology has also been foreseen by
many companies which either want to meet certain standards in regards to the environment. Lee
and Mo (2011) outlines that one of the innovational changes that have had an impact on the
business especially from the improvement in fuel efficiency and the innovation of new engines
that are able to accommodate and consume lesser amounts of oil. The innovation has a positive



impact on the environment especially with the less consumption of the environment which is
affected by the emission of gases by the use of oil or fossil fuel as a source of energy. From a
social perspective, the changes make it even faster for people to reach other parts of the planet
more conveniently and with increased chances of safety for travelers. The financial aspect is also
affected especially with the increased in the quality and improvement of the flight engines which
then brings an aspect of increased flights which affects the revenue of Boeing. Boeing’s
influence with its customers and suppliers has also had an impact in regards to the improvement
of environmental sustainability. Grammich, Edison, Moore and Keating (2011) discuss that
among the inventions that have made it accommodative for the business to grow environmentally
is the creation of military jets for its customers and through its suppliers, it is able to access the
merchandise. "The Boeing Company" (2005) outlines that one of the metrics to measure the
sustainability and social impact goals is through assessing issues such as the weight of the
planes. It brings about a social impact with the success of the planes which become lighter and
the planes in case their flight routes therefore having a greater social impac...

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