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on this weeks PPT on the 3rd slide there is a list of Fire leading up to the investigation and the American Burning Reports.

Pick three of these Fires and do your research and post what you find and the Details, Cause, and the Results of these fires

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 Comparisons of deaths in U.S. military personnel (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Air Force) resulting from actions by hostile forces in Vietnam, 1961 through 1972, and deaths from U.S. fires for the same period (Statistics from the Department of Defense and the National Fire Protection Association).          1963— Fretz Building, Philadelphia Pennsylvania . 1963— Fairgrounds Coliseum Indianapolis Indiana 1963— Surfside Hotel in Atlantic City New Jersey. 1963— Golden Age Nursing Home Fire, Fitchville Ohio 1963— Hotel Roosevelt Jacksonville Florida 1967— Dale's Penthouse restaurant Montgomery Alabama. 1967— Jay Road Florida State Prison Jay, Florida 1970— Pioneer Hotel fire in Tucson, Arizona 1972—Hotel Vendome Boston Massachusetts  Authorization -Title II of the Fire Research and Safety Act of 1968  Funding – Towards the end of 1970 Congress funded the Commission  Members - Nixon appointed 20 members Chairman, Richard E. Bland Professor Pen State/Fire Chief  Fires in One and Two Family Homes accounted for Majority Fire deaths.  Also, Mobile Homes are highly flammable with few escape routes aka death traps  Commercial buildings where covered by regulations and deemed “Fire Proof” where still very dangerous.  1971 NCFPC sent out Surveys to Americas Fire Departments  A little over 1/3 of the chosen Fire Dept. responded.  Fire Dept. that responded asking for better funding  Surveyed 2,109 Americans of all ages.  20 Questions Total  1/3 of Teenagers Know to Crawl-Low to avoid smoke during fires  No Children under 7 know Stop-Drop & Roll 1. If your house began to fill up with thick, black smoke, what would you do? (answer fully) 2. What would you do if you woke up at night, smelled, smoke, and found that your bedroom door was shut, but hot when you touched it? 3. Will the clothing you have on now burn? 4. What would you do right now if your clothing caught on fire? 5. If you were trapped in a bedroom on the fifth floor with flames outside in the hall and smoke pouring in under the door (with no telephone and no fire escape), what would you do? 6. (a) When you go to a strange place (movie house, friend’s house for the night, hotel, restaurant, etc.), do you check to see where the exits or fire escapes are? (b) If the answer to 6(a) was “Yes,” do YOU depend on being able to see the exit to find it, or do you figure out how to find it in the dark or in thick smoke? 7. Do you have a family escape plan, including ways of getting out of your house if the stairs or doors are blocked by fire, and a meeting place outside the house? 8. What should you do (or should your wife or mother do) if the frying pan catches on fire? 9. Carbon monoxide is produced by almost all fires. What effect does it have on you before it makes you sleepy and kills you? 10. Assume you plan to hang by your hands from a window ledge and then drop to the earth below. Estimate in feet the distance you could drop and still have a 50:50 chance of surviving without serious injury. 11. (a) What is the reason for having fuses in an electric circuit? (b) What strength fuse should be used in an ordinary lighting circuit? 12. What number should you dial to report a fire by telephone, and how should you report it? 13. When is an electric cord dangerous? (give at least two examples) 14. When is a double plug dangerous? 15. What should you do if you discover a large fire in your basement? 16. If you are trying to light a gas oven or burner and the first match goes out too soon, what should you do? 17. What is meant by “spontaneous combustion” or “spontaneous ignition”? 18. How should you store oily or greasy rags? 19. Why should gasoline be stored only in metal cans with self-closing caps? 20. Should you put out an electric fire with water?  #1 15-17 February in Washington DC  #2 24-25 April in Dallas Texas  #3 July in both Los Angeles and San Francisco  #4 3-5 October in Chicago Illinois  8-10 January 1973 NCFPC final deliberation  March 1973 The NCFPC Public Statement  04 May 1973 NCFPC presented to Pres. Nixon  June 1973 NCFPC planned Final Hearing  America’s Fire Problem is a “local problem” / Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974 1987 Revisited  First, consensus America’s fire problem.  Second, reviewing and evaluating the progress  Third, recommend guidelines to farther reduce the life and property loss from fire.  ...
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Fire in America
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Fire in America
Golden Age Nursing Home Fire

The golden age home fire is one of the worse disasters in Ohio. The leading cause of the
fire was an electrical short that incredibly spread within a short period. Due to electricity
breakdown, the flames of the telephones systems failed, cutting down all communication in the
nursing home. Moreover, the building had no alarms to send signals in case of an emergency.
However, a passing stranger noticed the fire and called the firefighters. The fire department
arrived shortly, but it was too late preventing them from getting inside. The usual breakfast
routines had started when a particular young man brought the ...

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