Traditional Society’s Gender Stereotype and Feminism Discussion

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Make one argument assignment about any specific theme you saw represented in what you watched for today. I will post the materials then you can find the episode or book you need to watch, then write this argument. I will also post rubric and requirement for this argument assignment, so you can just follow it.

Thurs 6/20 – read The Dispossessed chapters 3&4

Fri 6/21 – read The Dispossessed chapter 5

citation requirement: I noted some consistent issues with MLA format, so for next time, here are some small things to keep in mind (I didn't take off points for formatting this time, but I will in the future):

1) For titles of long works, such as novels, films, or TV shows, the title should appear in italics. For titles of short works, such as short stories, articles, or individual episodes, the title should appear within quotation marks. So for instance, you might write something like this: In the episode of The Twilight Zone called "The Obsolete Man," one theme that is represented is....

2) For a parenthetical citation in MLA format, include the author's last name and the page number on which the quote can be found with no punctuation in between. So, if you're quoting from M. Keith Booker's article, the citation will look something like this: (Booker 7). Note also that the period comes after the parenthetical citation.

When quoting time-based media, such as a film or TV show, the in-text citation is supposed to include the timestamp of when the quote is said. So that might look something like this: (00:15:47 - 00:15:-52). I recognize that this is really annoying, but please do your best with it.

3) For discussion board posts, you don't have to include the more formal aspects of MLA format, like a heading and a works cited. You'll need those for response papers, midterms, and finals, but for DB posts, the in-text citation will suffice.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION BOARD POSTS Sometimes a discussion board thread will contain its own prompt. In that case, follow the instructions stated there. Other times, I will ask you to make an “original post,” or to respond to someone else’s post. For original posts or responding to someone else’s post: please post a short paragraph (five sentences minimum) in which you make an argument about some aspect of a text we have looked at that week. This is to show that you have read, understood, and thought critically about the assigned material. Your argument need not be about the text as a whole; it can simply be about any specific aspect or larger idea that you found to be important in the text. Remember that a good argument starts with a strong claim and is backed up by specific evidence. You are encouraged to make connections to ideas or situations outside of the text. For instance, if you are making a claim about how the use of a certain piece of technology limits a character’s freedom in Brave New World, you might compare that piece of technology to an analogous one from our own society in order to analyze the real-world consequences of your claim. You can also make connections to other texts we have read; you can make connections to texts we have not read as long as you provide enough information to contextualize your comparison. Alternatively: You might want to post a question that introduces some ideas for discussion. Such a question should not ask random, trivial facts about the text; rather, the purpose of your question is to potentially generate a thought-provoking discussion that addresses what is at stake in terms of the larger topics and themes that the text discusses. In other words, the answer to the question that you ask should not be something that can be found within the text itself (e.g. do not ask things like: Where does the story take place?). Your question should be contextualized with quotes from the text that help demonstrate how you arrived at your question. You do not necessarily have to provide an answer to your own question. Please note: This assignment is NOT asking you to summarize the text. It is also not asking for your opinion on the text. You are being asked to focus on a specific aspect of the text and explain its importance outside of the text. That is, what is the significance of the aspect you chose to write about? What are some real-world connections or implications that you can make based on the aspect you chose? Grading: This assignment is worth ten points. There are five criteria through which your response will be evaluated, worth two points each. Below is the rubric for how you will be graded on this assignment. I have also included a template and an example that you can follow if you get stuck. INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION BOARD POSTS Rubric: Originality – Does your response show that you have thought deeply about the text? Are you making creative connections to other texts or larger concepts? Coherence – Do you address one specific idea throughout? Are all parts of your paragraph necessary and relevant? Evidence – Does the evidence you chose directly support your stance? Is it integrated well into the paragraph? Accuracy – Have you gotten the facts about the text correct? Are the things you are saying true? Grammar – Are you using proper spelling, punctuation, and word choice? Have you included a parenthetical citation in MLA format? Example argumentative paragraph General format: Claim: What are you arguing? Context: What relevant events are occurring in the text? (Pretend your reader has never read the text before; give enough information so that your evidence makes sense, but do not summarize the whole story.) Evidence: Which example from the text supports your claim? Explanation: What does the quote mean? Put it in your own words. Analysis: Why is your evidence significant? How does it support your claim, specifically? Conclusion: Restatement of the claim/argument in different words. Possibly transition into next paragraph. **Tips for coming up with a strong claim: • When reading or watching something, take note of what is important. • Ask yourself: in general terms, what is this story about? The answer to this question should be an abstract noun such as: happiness, freedom, power, etc. • Ask yourself: What is this story saying about the general idea that you chose? For instance, if you choose to write about happiness, ask yourself: What is this story saying about happiness? • The answer to that question can serve as the claim for your argument. Remember that claims should be debatable, meaning that there is more than one side you can support. For instance: In a society, it is acceptable to allow the suffering of a few people as long as it brings about the happiness of many people. INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION BOARD POSTS Example based on Lord of the Flies by William Golding Claim – The conch shell represents civility and order, which are necessary for living and being productive. Context - When the boys first arrive on the island, Ralph finds the conch and blows it to call an assembly. Evidence: Once the boys are assembled, Ralph says, “‘I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking….And he won't be interrupted’” (Golding 33). Explanation: So, one function of the conch is that it determines whose turn it is to talk. Analysis: This shows that the conch has the power to organize the boys and establish rule and law where there otherwise would be none. Conclusion: Through its ability to make the boys listen, obey, and decide, it is clear how the conch symbolizes authority and has a civilizing force over the boys, thereby aiding their survival on the island.
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Argument Assignment
The traditional society’s gender stereotypy and feminism are still witnessed in
contemporary society. In some industries, women are segregated and dispossessed of their
duties based on the belief that women cannot do particular responsibilities that traditionally
belonged to men.
The Dispossessed is a book that delves into the world of utopia where, there are two
cultures, the Urras and the Annares. The Urras is a different world where people adheres to
the capitalist form of economy, while at Annares, the society adheres to lawlessness. The
main character in the book is Shevek (from Annares), an intelligent scientist who finds
himself in the Urras. In chapter three of the book, Chifoilisk, Pae, and Atro leave Shevek and
Oiie to discuss physics and scientific theories.
However, before they l...

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