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You are required to submit an essay analyzing the leadership skills and approaching of any one of the following individuals:

  • Larry Page
  • Bernard Arnault
  • Sheryl Sandberg

Also, analysis of the leadership style and skills (whether democratic, dictatorial...etc.) of the person chosen by you. Your analysis must be supported by relevant academic literature.

And the third point writing about skills that the chosen person enjoys in leadership. Beside explaining any theory exist in leadership.

*** Words count = 1400 Words

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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Larry Page’s Leadership
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Larry Page’s Leadership
Larry Page is a famous co-founder and CEO of Google. He was the president of product
at Google from 2001 to 2011 when he was promoted to the CEO position (The Famous People
2018). In these positions and as a founder, alongside other managers, leaders, and workers, he
has been able to make Google a recognized technology products company (Hedayati, 2014).
Currently, close to 100,000 people work in the company as permanent employees. The company
has also had some philanthropic activities including free App development lessons in Kenya and
Rwanda under the leadership of Larry Page (The Famous People 2018). Although Google has
functions including the Human Resource and others, all the progress that the company makes can
be very closely attributed to Larry Page’s leadership since the CEO represents an organization
and makes or approves of most decisions. This paper looks into the leadership of Larry Page.
An effective leader influences their subjects in a particular direction that affects the
success of an organization (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy 2014). Larry Page has some traits
of leadership that are clearly motivating to employees at Google. Google was a Google search
and a few other businesses in 2001. Currently, the company is a major global player in many
Internet-related businesses, and also has interests and business in mobile phone production,
automobile technologies, and other business. During this growth, the company needed to recruit
leaders in many positions. Under the leadership of Larry Page, the company saw the best strategy
to get new leaders in increasing leadership position was to promote its employees from within.
The company has also won awards for being a preferred employer in the United States and
beyond. This follows Larry Page’s leadership trait of the drive. He is able to motivate, nature
ambition in employees, and also enhance their e...

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