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Prepare a report, including recommendations, for an actual company’s overall entry strategy into a foreign market. Your strategy should include: attention to the social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country you propose entering; the entry and organizational strategies the company should advance, including potential alliances with local firms; and a discussion of the ethical, negotiation, leadership, and management challenges associated with your recommendation.

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Foreign market entry
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Foreign market entry

For any business, one of the main goals is to ensure that they grow to become
international companies that compete on an international level. These companies then have to
consider their expansion into new markets and foreign ones that may require specific strategies
to determine how they are able to expand into the new market depending on the conditions that
are set into these new markets. For the market entry to be successful, the business may need to
consider methods to use where they can accommodate the conditions of the foreign market and
become competitive while meeting those conditions. The following paper seeks to argue on the
foreign market entry strategy for KFC into China.
Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFC is among the companies that have been able to grow into an international standard.
It competes in a manner that dominates complex markets and ensures that it is also able to blend
in with new cultures that are not always tolerable. Beijing is the first city that KFC should
consider since it a town that has a good population in regards to a market share and also one that
would be of great potential for the business.
Before entry into the Chinese market
Kentucky Fried Chicken should first research the market and come up with a plan that
will not land the company in problems with either the government or even with the market.
Among the research to be conducted should feature on issues such as the social, political,
cultural, and economic environment which will determine the best strategy towards entering the
new market. From a social context, the social structure of China is one that tolerates fast foods
and even sometimes prefers fast foods as compared to cooking their own mea...

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