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For this discussion please address the following:

Recent chapters have focused on issues related to ethical matters, early career concerns, professional boundaries, and how to benefit from your human service internships and supervision. In this discussion I would like for you to use these concepts to answer the following 2 questions.

1) Please describe what you believe to be some potential Legal/ethical/and/or professional dilemma or issues that may arise in a setting below (Pick only one).

A. You are a human service professional providing direct services (i.e, case management, counseling, assessment, prevention etc) in an agency that specializes in servicing families. Specifically, the agency specializes in servicing adolescents that present with behavioral difficulties, substance use, violence/aggression, communication difficulties etc.

B. You are a human service professional providing direct services in a non-profit agency. The agency provides parental training courses, anger management programs, and domestic violence perpetrator program for adults who are court mandated into services.

C. You are the Director of a local non-profit organization that provides marriage and/ family counseling, divorce counseling, and forensic evaluations. There you supervise 15 masters and doctoral level mental health professionals (Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, and Psychiatric Nurses).

2) Please Identify how supervision, professional ethical guidelines, training, and/or healthy professional boundaries could help address/navigate/manage the dilemmas or issues you have identified.

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Question one (a)
There are various potential legal, ethical or professional issues or dilemmas that may
arise in an agency that specializes in servicing families in particular the servicing of adolescents
that present with behavioral challenges, violence or aggression, substance abuse, and
communication challenges among others. One of the ethical as well as legal issue or dilemma
that may emerge in this setting is the issue of breaches of confidentiality with minor clients
(Robertson, 2010). There comes a time or point in each adolescent’s therapist’s profession when

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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