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Examine the historical relevance of and the manner in which All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque illustrates the ideas, feeling, and perspectives of Europe following the First World War.  How does the work relate to the historical events that provide the context for the work?  

Make sure that you include numerous examples to support your conclusions!  Remarque’s work itself will be the most important source for your paper, so be sure to cite specific examples from the book to support your arguments and ideas. You may also use your notes and the textbook as potential sources for your paper.  If you specifically cite a passage from the notes or text book, you will need to cite those sources as well.  Outside sources such as scholarly reviews, articles, or deconstructions concerning All Quiet should not be used.  The purpose of this paper is to relate your personal ideas concerning the book and the way that it illustrates the ideas and reaction to WWI.

I expect citations from any source that you use or draw your ideas from, and suggest that if you quote, do so briefly and efficiently.Please do not give plot summaries or lengthy quotes from the book.This is redundant and wasteful.Citation should be easily understood.For example, if citing All Quiet, the textbook or notes, a simple parenthetical citation will do: for example, (All Quiet, p. x).Be sure that if you are using a different edition or text of All Quiet other than the online text that is linked, include publication information of the that text.The paper should be 3-5 pages in length and should be checked for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.Avoid slang and contractions as you construct your ideas. I suggest that you keep a back-up copy of the paper in case anything goes wrong. 

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All Quiet on the Western Front
The first world war was undoubtedly one of the most challenging moments in the history
of continental Europe. The challenges facing Europe during and after this war are well detailed
in Erich’s piece “All Quiet on the Western Front.” In this book, the author explores the
experience of German soldiers, before, during, and after the war, as they battled the Triple
Entente, which was equally strong, and determined force. The war was highly challenging for the
German soldiers as they were fighting against a strong alliance comprising of Britain, France,
and their allies, who were also determined to win the battle at all cost. One issue that was
prevalent in the Germany leadership was a dictatorship, whereby, the German soldiers were
required to follow the commands of their commanders, leaders and military strategists without
question (All quiet, p. 22). For instance, the soldiers were forced to live in isolation and to fight
even without a sufficient supply of food, and other basic amenities. Overall, Erich’s piece
portrays Europe as a dark continent, engulfed by distrust, despair, and frustration; even as the
first world war came to an end, and most people are made to believe that “All quiet on the
western front.”
Erich’s piece explains the WWI in the western fron...

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