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HBO put together a four-part Documentary Film series, The Weight of the Nation about 6 years ago. In the beginning of the semester, you viewed part 1, Consequences. The following is Part 4 of the documentary series entitled Challenges. 

View Part 4 of this HBO series entitled: Challenges (I have listed Part 2 and Part 3 to this 4 part series below the discussion description and you certainly are welcome to choose one of those instead of Part 4)

The first film in the four part Weight of the Nation was posted earlier in the session; this series examines the scope of the obesity epidemic and explores the serious health consequences of being overweight or obese.

Additional resource page:


Feel free to discuss any one of the following or post your own critical thoughts based on what you viewed; The initial response for this discussion needs to be quite substantive and your comments back to others also needs to substantively expand on your classmates ideas/thoughts/information:

What is your opinion of part 4 of this documentary series?

If you viewed Part 1, Consequences, did you find Part 4, Challenges, to be just as impactful?

What else did you find of interest in this documentary?

Would you recommend this documentary to others and why?

Have you seen other documentaries on the obesity epidemic which you would recommend and explain why?

Should you decide to continue and watch any other parts of this 4 part HBO series, here are the links:

Part 1: Consequences (viewed in the beginning of the semester):

Part 2: Choices (HBO: The Weight of the Nation): 

Part 3: Children in Crisis (HBO: The Weight of the Nation): 

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After watching the documentary, I found the chance of accessing unhealthy food to be
fascinating. Part 4 explains the same ideas as part 2 because the people filmed in part 2 appeared
to be eating comfortably from their unhealthy location because of the behavior they were brought
up with when they were young. Additionally, while watching the documentary, I found out that
unhealthy foods were slowly losing their value. The drastic decrease in commodity price was a
sign of inflation that would be experienced in the area. Despite the move by the authorities to
enhance the use of healthy food, people were so much screwed to unhealthy foods thus
preferring the...

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Awesome! Perfect study aid.

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