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Annotated bibliography

Read the attached assignment, create an annotated bibliography of five credible sources.

Annotated bibliography assignment

Research 10-12 possible sources for your causal analysis essay from the library databases and from other print and online media. Choose five of the best sources. For each one, give an APA-style citation and three clearly marked annotations that:

1. summarize the content of the source in one to two sentences,

2. establish the credentials/credibility of the source, and

3. explain how and where you could use the source in your paper.

Format your annotated bibliography according to the example below and turn it in as a Word document. Note that although the annotated bibliography is intended to help you complete the references page of your causal analysis essay, they may not include all the same sources. The references page of your essay will include only sources that are cited within the paper, with no annotations.

Example annotated citation:

Lemisch, J. (1997). The First Amendment is under attack in cyberspace. In G. Hawisher, & C. Selfe (Eds.), Literacy, Technology, and Society: Confronting the Issues (pp. 278-280). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

1. Summary: This article explains the author’s worry over the erosion of his right to free speech. The author’s claim is: “If this new medium [the Internet] is to be a place of freedom for ideas, all of the classic First Amendment issues must be revisited…” (p. 278). The author includes a specific personal incident when he was censored on a listserv, a general statement of his distrust of the “thugs” who control the content being posted on the Internet, and a rebuttal with quotations from peers who disagree with him.

2. Credibility: The original source for this article is The Chronicle for Higher Education, which, according to the editors of Literacy, Technology, and Society, is “a newspaper widely read by educators in colleges and universities…” (p. 278).

3. Usefulness: I could use this article as the cornerstone for the section of my censorship paper where I address the Internet.

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Effects of Divorce
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Annotated Bibliography

Daatland, S. O. (2015). Marital history and intergenerational solidarity: The impact of divorce
and unmarried cohabitation. Journal of Social Issues, 63(4), 809-825.
1. Summary: The article traces the prevalence of divorce through history and its impacts on
different generations. Daatland (2015) identifies the increasing rates of divorce and the decline in
marriages and the resultant negative implications. The paper uses results from Scandinavian
countries to explore the impacts of divorce and unmarried cohabitation on intergenerational
solidarity. The results suggest that divorce among parents is associated with lower solidarity with
the successive generation.
2. Credibility: The article is highly credible because it is a recent study and therefore, relevant to
the topic of study. Also, the Journal of Social Issues that first published the article has been in
existence since 1945 and is consequently very credible in such topics.
3: Usefulness: The article will provide vital information on the background and history of
divorce. Indeed, the author is h...

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