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I need you to answer questions 12 and 13. and to get A on it, it needs to be "Response adheres to directions including on-time submission and specifically addresses the question (direct quotes/appropriate course text reference) appropriately selecting and applying the applicable course content. Response isflawless being free of grammatical errors, detail-oriented, and business-ready."

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E Chapter 6: Create your Case Study You have been provided 80,000 sq. ft. of space in a warehouse surrounded by a growing area of family businesses and restaurants by a family member located on a corner adjacent to a small regional airport. The space is zoned for a business operation. On a chilly October morning, you conduct a walk-through of the space determining it is clean, has sufficient heating, cooling, and plumbing, and has access on all sides to adequate roads. On one side of the building is a loading dock. In your hands, are the blueprints to the space. Draw your space as you envision it. Assuming access to the necessary capital, you first would need to determine if you are going to produce a product or offer a service. As you reflect on your instruction at Eastern Kentucky University, you vaguely recall information in Chapter 6 of Operations Management might be helpful and recall that your book is in the trunk of your vehicle. 1. Be sure to put the names of your case members on your paper. 2. What will your business be: A product or a service? Why does it matter in OM? 3. What will it be called? 4. What is your vision/mission? 5. Are your goods or services sustainable (www.sustainableproduction.org) and Chapter 6? Why or why not? 6. What type of demand forecast do you envision? Seasonal, trend, cycle? Why? 7. What type of layout do you expect to use in your building? What "supporting objectives” from Chapter 6 do you need to consider? 8. What is your process strategy? 9. Are there any new technologies in the marketplace that you might consider? What are they? Where did you look? 10. Select your process. What 2 key questions did you consider? 11. What process type did you choose and why? Specifically relate your decision-making to the text. 12. Select your process layout. What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of the layout you selected? Provide as many details about the layout from the text as possible. Is it functional or cellular? Is it a service layout? Why did you choose this layout? 13. What information requirements will you need from your process layout? Is there a way to minimize transportation costs or distances involved? Why or why not? 14. How did you divide up the responsibilities of your group members? Was this a type of process layout? 15. Are there any questions not ask here that should have been? Why or why not?
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Operations Management
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Operations Management

Bow Down Kentucky is a business that will be specializing in offering marketing
products in Kentucky. The layout that the company will espouse will be the process layout,
which is also known as the functional layout. This type of design groups resources based on
similar processes or functions and suits environments where a large variety of products are
produced in low volumes. Our process layout will be cellular manufacturing hence will use
multiple cells with each constituting of single or multiple machines. Each cell will be assigned to
complete a particular task. Ideally, I found this type of layout suitable for our venture due to the
nature of our operations. Usually, businesses require a variety of marketing products which are
produced in low volumes since promotional campaigns are one-off events and are often altered
from time to time h...

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