RPW300 MSU Chapter 6 Progress Report as a Memo for Dr Dallas Report

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Fact sheet Progress report

1. Using the information from the chapter reading, report on the status of your fact sheet.
2. Prepare your progress report as a memo to me, Dr. Dallas (not Professor Dallas, not Dr. F. Dallas, or any other variation), using the example below, modified from the Structure by work performed format in the textbook (p. 236-237).


    1. Open MS Word, select a blank document (do not use a template!).
    2. Format the progress report as a memo, using the title of your fact sheet as the subject.
    3. The beginning section includes:

    • Introduction - provide a 2-3 sentence overall context for this problem, using information from the CDC website.
    • Summary - the 3-5 sentences from your previous assignment on why you are interested in this public health problem.

    4. The middle section includes:

    • Work completed - discussing familiarization with fact sheets; deciding which public health problem to investigate; deciding which state's reports to review; compiling credible sources & summaries; determining which fact sheet format to use (one of the detailed example fact sheets from module 6b).
    • Work remaining - discuss revising summaries into fact sheet material; discuss using chapter 4, chapter 5, and chapter 6 to structure and design the fact sheet, with images as needed; discuss using chapter 2 and chapter 3 to engage the reader, and with credible information.
    • Cost - instead of using monetary figures, use some of the data from the CDC related to lives, medical, or work-related losses.

    5. The end section includes:

    • Overall appraisal of progress to date - discuss your progress in percentages, where 100% is the completed project; explain why you give yourself this rating; include a draft of the proposed version of your fact sheet (title and facts), using facts listed in the sources, and not using the summaries. Do not include images, columns, or other visual formatting elements at this time.
    • Conclusions and recommendations - this section is not relevant for our progress report. Either omit it, or if you include it, simply note, "not applicable."

    6. Single-space your progress report, while skipping lines between sections for readability. Check the Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line spacing:

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    Explanation & Answer


    Status Report – Outline



    Work completed


    Work remaining


    Overall appraisal

    To: Dr. Dallas
    From: Cen Cheng
    Subject: Alcohol-Related Harms
    Date: June 25, 2019
    Introduction: Binge drinking is the leading cause of alcohol-related injuries in the major cities
    of the United States, including New York City and responsible for an estimated 1.8million deaths
    from these physical harms. It is imperative for all public and private sector policymakers and
    stakeholders to develop and implement measures to reduce the rate of the excessive consumption
    of alcoholic beverages in our communities
    Summary: One of the factors that influenced the decision to participate in the resolution of the
    public health problem is the physical and social implications of the problem, which are aspects
    that are mostly ignored by researchers. Also, the justification for the study is the comparative
    analysis of the current efforts to reduce the incidence and prev...

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