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Question 1:

Check Your Steps! Make Every Injection Safe (3:45), One & Only Campaign

Recommendations Presented in a Video

This video was created by the One & Only Campaign, which is a joint project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC). The CDC provides information for medical professionals and for the general public. This video is directed toward health-care providers and others who perform injections.

After watching the video, answer the questions below and submit your response.


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Why present these recommendations in a video rather than in written form? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the video format?

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Whether it is for a speech, a written report, or a video, the introductory section needs to provide important background information. What background information does the first section of this video (0:01–0:30) provide?

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Many experts recommend that the introduction to a written report identify the content that is to come in the subsequent sections. Some call this an advance organizer. Advance organizers are especially important when the audience is listening and does not have a transcript or an outline to follow. Write a sentence or two that could serve as an advance organizer for this video.

Question 2:

As a class, discuss which of you should survive and why on the "Pick Me" forum.

(I will explain this in more detail after I choose the tutor, it's easy and interesting and less time consuming.)

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This is the answer for question 2, please reach out to me in case of any clarification.Am working on the other one

Surname 1
Student’s name
Tutor’s name
Why pick me
The priesthood is a calling to serve humanity. Many are the times that people lose hope in
all walks of life. They turn to God as they seek for consolation. For almost 30 years as a priest, it
has been my responsibility to bring them closer to by sharing with them the good deeds he has to
others and assure them that they will as well overcome. I have been helping people to believe in
themselves and forge ahead regardles...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.


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