Math assignment and quizes and I need assistance. I did half but I need help on left one.

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I need an assistance to do my math statistics my math lab homework and test . I did half course but I need help on other remaining.

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MATH 1342 – Elementary Statistical Methods INET Syllabus Addendum* * This document includes only instructor-specific information. Please see the 2017-2018 Syllabus for this course for course-specific information. Cedar Valley College Math, Science, Allied Health Division Summer 1 2019 Elementary Statistical Methods MATH 1342 – 35420, 35423 (3) credit hours Certification Date: June 10, 2019 Withdrawal Date: June 25, 2019 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Name DCCCD e-mail address Telephone Office Number Office Hours Mikal McDowell 972-860-8241 D-201 Please email REQUIRED / RECOMMENDED MATERIALS MyStatLab Student Access Code. This code will provide access to the MyStatLab website where much of the work will be done for the course. The MyStatLab website includes an electronic copy of the text, video instruction, and many other helpful features. We will use the Stat Crunch program for most calculations which is included with your purchase of My Stat Lab. The TI graphing calculator is no longer required. EVALUATION PROCEDURES Assessment of your performance will be based upon scores from assignments and exams. The percentages for each are as follows and may be altered slightly by the instructor. Assignments 4 Tests @ 20% each 20% 80% Students will have 2 attempts at each test and only the best attempt will count toward their course average. The student must have an active My Stat Lab account at the conclusion of the course. A temporary access code can Not be used to complete all course work. If you do not have an active MyStatLab access code at the end of the course, you will receive an F. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Pearson Technical Support at 1800-677-6337 to resolve any issues resulting from the use of temporary access codes. COURSE OUTLINE 1. Describing and Exploring Data (Chapters 1-3) 2. Probability and Probability Distributions (Chapter 4-5) 3. Normal Probability Distributions and Estimation (Chapter 6-7) 4. Hypothesis Testing and Correlation and Regression (Chapter 8, 10) COURSE CALENDAR A detailed course calendar is available in My Stat Lab. Unit 1 Due June 12 Unit 2 Due June 18 Unit 3 Due June 25 Unit 4 Due July 3 Email Policy: I will try to return all emails within 24 hours. within 24 hours, please resend the email. If you do not receive an email return from me MATH 1342 Summer 1 2019 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6/6 6/7 6/8 6/9 Unit 1 Sec. 1.2-1.4 Unit 1 Sec.2.2-2.3 Unit 1 Sec.2.4, 3.2 Unit 1 Sec.3.3 6/10 6/11 6/12 6/13 6/14 6/15 6/16 Unit 1 Sec. 3.4 Test 1 Unit 1 Last Day to access Unit 1 and Test 1 Unit 2 Sec. 4.4 Unit 2 Sec. 5.2 Unit 2 Sec. 5.3 Unit 2 Sec.5.4 Unit 2 Sec. 4.2, 4.3 6/17 6/18 6/19 6/20 6/21 6/22 6/23 Test 2 Unit 2 Last Day to access Unit 2 and Test 2 Unit 3 Sec.6.3 Unit 3 Sec. 6.5 Unit 3 Sec.7.2 Unit 3 Sec. 7.3 Unit 3 Sec. 7.4 Unit 3 Sec.6.2 6/24 6/25 6/26 6/27 6/28 6/29 6/30 Test 3 Unit 3 Last Day to access Unit 3 and Test 3 Unit 4 Sec.8.2 Unit 4 Sec.8.3 Unit 4 Sec.8.4 Unit 4 Sec.8.5 Unit 4 Sec. 10.2 Off Last Day to Withdraw with a W 7/1 7/2 7/3 Unit 4 Unit 4 Test 4 Unit 4 Sec. 10.2 Sec.10.3 ALL WORK DUE by 11:59p.m.!
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.


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