What is Public Health, Essay

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Public Health and The Envrionment

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What is Public Health?

What does it mean to you?

Why is public health important?

How does Public Health coincide with Dental Hygiene?

How is dental Hygiene important to public health?

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Public Health and dental Hygiene.
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Public Health and dental Hygiene.

Public health is both a science and art in that it reflects the prolonging of life, prevention
of ailments, and the promotion of health. It incorporates efforts of different players including the
society, communities and individuals. The ultimate purpose of public health is the analysis and
identification of the different threats faced by a community with regard to its health.1 The
practice of public health can be done at different levels including the local, national and regional
levels. Consequently, the scope of public health is elastic and may vary depending on the area of
focus. Public health is proactive in its approach to maintaining health because it strives to protect
the health of individual and communities in their interactions. While healthcare is limited to a
smaller scope, the concept of public health encompasses different interventions in the prevention
of sickness or injury.2
Public health has significant applications in individual lives because of its potential to
safeguard the health of populations. Without effective public health programs, healthcare would
be futile. In this respect, public health means a state of health in the community with no
epidemics or pandemics.1,2 At a personal level, public health means the existence of preventive
interventions in the fight against diseases. ...

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