HMD307 CSN Mistakes Employers Make in Performance Reviews Questions

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Question 1:

The book doesn’t do a very good job describing what kind of “files” should be kept on every employee. It suggests that one file will do. I disagree. I think every employer should keep five (5) very distinct files on each employee, one being a very generic “HR” file that contains everything that doesn’t go into the other four very specific files. Do some research and see if you can figure out what the other four types of files I’m referring to.

Question 2:

Do some research and identify the most common mistakes employers make in performance reviews. Why do some managers hate the process? What should employers do to ensure that performance review are meaningful and useful if the employer gets sued?

Question 3:

Do some research and identity the top twelve things that should be in every good employee handbook. Then, tell me what should be on the very first page of every employee handbook...and why.

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Human resource department
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Human resource department
Question 1
Among the details that the human resource department should keep in regards to the
employees include details that they always need or even the information that they may need in
the future upon certain changes or even in a specific event. Among these details include a file
that contains personal information, one that contains the professional history, wages, medical,
personal information of the employee along with the performance of the employee (Hyland,
2017). With these files, the human resource department is able to keep track of the employee and
understand any changes that take place in the employees.
For work performance, the file should contain information that describes the performance
of the employee in regards to the work of the company. The performance of the employee is
tracked in the file, which describes whether the employee is producing according to the company
standards. However, if they are not performing, it then helps the human resource department
track the progress of the employee to determine whether they are improving or they are not
making any progress in their performance.
The personal information file is also important to the human resource department in
getting to know their employees, along with their background. Through the personal information
file, the human resource department gets to understand issues such as whether the employee has
had issues with the authorities or even been to prison. It also helps the company follow up on
certain employees and ensure that they are handled depending on their condition.
Wages history is also a useful file to the human resource department being that it helps
the human resource understand the progress it has made in the payment of the empl...

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