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You have just opened your own restaurant. You have about 60 total employees. Your assignment is to draft a “discipline” policy for your company. First, I want you research what workplace “discipline” is all about. Your book has a chapter of "termination," but this assignment will require independent research into the broader area of "discipline."

What should a good policy say? What should the motivation behind a policy be? Will your policy be “progressive” or will you address issues on a case-by-case basis? What steps should you take before you resort to "formal" discipline? In other words, what "informal" steps will be involved in your discipline policy? There are many issues to consider.

I want the first page of your policy to be your company’s “philosophy” on discipline...followed by at least two pages (three page minimum....but it should be more) describing how you will implement discipline if it is needed. More is better, as usual.

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Discipline in the workplace
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Discipline in the workplace

In any business, one of the key things that keep the business running is the concept of
discipline which ensures that the business is alive and that each department is able to produce
according to the expectations that are set for the business. Through discipline, minor but key
conditions of the business are followed not only by the employees but also by the business owner
and other superiors that manage it. Discipline also caters for the employees through ensuring that
they are fairly treated in accordance with the law and to the policies of the business (Opatha,
2017). The following paper seeks to discuss the concept of discipline in regards to my business
and also refer it my company policy in regards to discipline.
In my business, I will ensure that my discipline policy protects all the employees and also
ensure that they follow the rules and adhere to the rules that are set to govern the business from
any employees that do not perform their duties. I would, therefore, have a progressive
disciplinary policy that governs the number of mistakes that the employees make and ensure that
they are aware of the repercussions of all the mistakes. In regards to the progressive disciplinary
policy, it would flow to several mistakes since I would not expect them to be perfect. For the
disciplinary policy in my business, I would have a verbal caution, followed by a verbal warning;
the next would be a written warning, a suspension, decision-making leave, and finally dismissal.
For the period of decision making le...

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