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1. One of the main aims of the course was to discuss many new / different developing technologies. Which Emerging technology do you see having the biggest impact? (Support your answer) 2. What are some benefits of marketing in a 3d virtual world compared to the web? How is marketing different ? 3. Describe the limitations or problems of Kansei Engineering/ Affective Computing? Do you believe that the limitations can be overcome? (support your answer) 4. What are some challenges faced by businesses when trying to use a 3D virtual environment? 5. What are some of the main differences between the Google Map API version 2 and version 3? 6. What is Kansei Engineering / Affective computing? What are some of the main goals of this research domain? Give an example of a related technology. 7. Which emerging educational technology do you feel will have the biggest impact in the years to come? Why? 8. What are methods that can be used to capture “Affective data” ?
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Information Technology Analysis
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Information Technology Analysis
Question #1
5G is an example of a network technology that has emerged in the recent past. The
technology has not been fully rolled out and is only available to limited users in specific
countries such as China and the US. The emergence of 5G technology will impact the world
profoundly (Haas, 2018). Through technology, it will be possible to send messages all over the
world in a fraction of a second. Ability to communicate effectively will give room for the
business to thrive even more. 5G technology will allow machine learning to be implemented in
large scale. As a result, it will be possible for human beings to communicate with inanimate
objects such as vehicles, doors, lights among others. The network will as well make it possible to
allow machines to communicate (Haas, 2018). Therefore, 5G technology will result in radical
changes in almost all interactions in the world.
Question #2
3D marketing is gaining value over web marketing. An example of a reason for the
increase in popularity for the technology is because it allows for the inclusion of varied product
variations which include materials, color, textures, and transparency among others which allow
the target customer to have an in-depth interaction with the product. Secondly, 3D marketing
allows a marketer to first test the strategy (Kim et al, 2016). It is by testing the efficiency of the
strategy that the marketer identifies design flaws which are then corrected to enhance the
customer experience. Lastly, 3D marketing makes it possible to present a product to the customer
in its surrounding. As a result, the customer is fully satisfied with near all elements of the
product when making a purchase.

Question #3
The main problem associated with Kansei engineering and affective computing is the change of
human emotions and feelings. The engineering uses human emotions to understand human needs
and wants that develop in them. The problem occurs in that engineering technology will be
hampered by the fact that human beings may exhibit different emotions and feelings at different
times (Huang et al, 2018). As a result, it becomes hard to identify specific human needs. It is
hard to overcome the above challenge. The effectiveness of technology can only be improved by
using an additional method of reinforcing affective computing.
Question #4
The adoption of 3 virtual environments has increased in the recent past. Despite its
increasing popularity, there are various issues that are associated with its use. The use of a 3D
virtual environment requires a high-speed internet connection. As a result, it is an expensive
venture that is challenging to maintain (Kim et al, 2016). Secondly, the lack of experience in its
management leaves the compani...

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