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ase explain the following as discussed in class a. Explain Acceptance Sampling in the following chart Acceptance Sampling un Bue Manares Yes No motor Yes PIGER statistla techiques to determine it a quo supplico should be 5 the incomeaium or test of 0 reno one or more level desired by the Cowosomer Op - Ubber CapdaseltAndew--hower Capobelts Indeur 6. 3. Please explain the following as discussed in class MKS Inc., produces meter sticks that have a target length of 100 centimeters with upper and lower specification limits of 100.07 and 99.93 centimeters respectively. Their existing process produces meter sticks with an average length of 09.98 centimeters and a standard deviation of 0.014 centimeters. They are considering the purchase of a new. machine that can hold a process output average exactly to target with a standard deviation of 0.02. 10 points a. Which machine will provide a better process capability index at 3 sigma and at 4 sigma? b. Explain the process capability of these machines? A) 99,98 1.... 7-9943 cpt. It has to be at least i [ ****] not a 99.94 -99.93 3 x 2014 3 x 0.014 牙 A -3.3, 1.a= 1.9 Did not Reach 2 2 99.18 = 100.07- 99.93 qa, 98-99.93 4 x 나X 4 xoo14 2.5, 0.89 0.89 = 0.89 2 Did not Reach 1 를 cpt cat [ 2014 x = B min [ 1 loo. 7-lee 3x 0.02 = 1.16, 1.16 1..-92.937Existing process and Ma Maw process are Cobable at 30 99.93 but not a a un , 100,0 7-100 u 4 x 0.02 bristing forocess has 88, 0, 88 better capability -- index 3 ] الأوامر تحكم alt cmd 26 fn ctrl 34 5. Please explain the following as discussed in class The ABCO Company manufactures electrical assemblies. The current process uses 10 workers and produces 200 units per hour. You are considering changing the process with new assembly methods that increase output to 400 units per hour, but will require 15 workers. Particulars are as follows: 10 points Production doubled OUTPUT (UNITS / HOUR) NUMBER OF WORKERS MATERIAL COST / HOUR CURRENT PROCESS 200 10 $110 NEW PROCESS 400 15 $160 Workers are paid at a rate of $11 per hour, and overhead is charged at 150% (or 1.5 times) labor costs. Finished switches sell for $23 / unit. Use the information provided in Table above b. What is the multifactor productivity of the New Process? c. What would you recommend? с. S a. What is the multifactor productivity of the Current Procession na stou need to tall Production has = ☆ 23% 20 = 4600 Salesforce Blad X 10 = $110 tica Planet tritt and = 1.5x $110 B 165 y llo VLMP per cost per hour - All Pricy , wla cost Productivit 2. Please explain the following as discussed in class 10 points a. Explain the role of Six Sigma in the following chart b. Explain the chart between flexible and general purpose equipment in Resource Flexibility chart below devoloping process too match your choon Rincess at target Left Hand Target Right Hand Target Cand of achiving Com Rates of defective output by Prollo prektse whose near Getput tot a profonin Ave nease и is - It six standa (silmas) from the limite of the dsige spiridina for the service on Process on with lood target vanable y X Center Target Centet Process Rednee ten 9 Fara 8.3 Pradet. Save for bot Process 2: Special-purpose equipment The cost starts lover -In Process 2 Comer dermt Tran process ļ due to the Resource Flexibility than process 1 cost of equpants and goods de produs dans is cheaper than process to -Demand incroages for Genral etupennt t and become more poporer - The cost goes Above breaken higrer dro to the special purpos Process 2 nith derende cost is higher Than process A at first. -The donand in proces 1 Break-even quantity demandsen F2 های ما Process 1: General-purpose equipment will som pass equpment opoffered h Units per year (0) Figure 2.4 I had explained the class how to calahel do moteven point besch fixed and varielle corte 2 on 4. Please explain the following as discussed in class 10 points a. Explain the difference between the Wait and See and Anticipation of Demand Strategies in the following charts Planned unused capacity Forecast of capacity required Expansionist stratgy Stays & hood of Capacity Timing and Sizing demand, minimum the chance of sales a “ lost due to sufficiane Capacit% Aysedeo Capacity increment Time between increments -2 Time (a) Expansionist strategy wait and see Stratg %. lits bonner derowdi Varief in Chort term Capacity Timing and Sizing o pontons (temps, overtime, workors) Planned use of short-term options Forecast of capacity required Capacity Capacity increment Time between increments Time (b) Wait-and-see strategy disadvantages of both - I had written on the board advantages and I had ascussed in class. depth 4
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Acceptance Sampling



1. Acceptance sampling is a quality control method, which is used where a single sample of
a production lot is examined. The aim of this process is to ensure that products are
manufactured to suit the interests of buyers. The process of sampling begins from the
supplier, to firm A, and the buyer. In the chart, the Supplier manufactures fan blades,
which are used by Firm A to manufacture furnace fan motors. The Supplier must meet
the production specifications of Firm A before being send to the firm. After Firm A
acquires the blades from the Supplier, blade sampling is conducted to examine their
quality. If the firm’s specifications are not met, the blades are send back to the Supplier
for a better sample. The Supplier manufactures fan blades to meet Firm A’s specs before
sending them back. The Supplier sends the blades to Firm A for sampling. If the blades
are accepted, they are used for the manufacture of furnace fan motors. After the motors
have been manufactured, they are send ...

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