How might the company build more of an online presence, business and finance homework help

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Project is on Peapod any online grocery store.

  • How might the company build more of an online presence"
  • Analysis of their website. What was favorable about their website? What are some of their website attributes that customers may find unappealing?
Jan 13th, 2016

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 How Might  a Company build more of its presence


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Jan 13th, 2016


 How to make a company more of Online presence

Online presence for a company is very important in terms of sales and marketing consideration. Many companies advertise what they produce through online website. It may use the current social media such as Facebook and Twitter to create awareness of a new product, changes that they are planning to undertake. A company can bulid more of their website by introducing a website for the company in which payments, customer service, online selling can be facilitated . A more of a online company means that the accessibility of the website by the intented user can make it a movable company and can be accessed any where by anyone

Importance of Presence of a company online

a. Makes advertising cheaper and attraction of a larger base

b. Consumer can be able to know more about the company

c. It enables a consumer to save costs such as movement thus saving time

d.Makes  the company to attract a wider base in terms of customers

 Bad attributes of  websites to Unappealing to customers

a.Too much data , difficult to access

b. Poor in upating

c.Misleading information.

 d.Poor feedback 

e.Lack of proper management on website congestion

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Jan 13th, 2016

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Jan 13th, 2016
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