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Praveen Reddy Kandhi - Sunday, 30 June 2019, 12:36 PM One of the most important functions of a manager is to promote change in skills. Change is always inevitable, but resistance will change. The basic human nature is that people try to preserve their practices and customs. This will change the management. In order to be successful, the Organization should always strive to adapt to change. Changes to existing customs, rituals and customs are essentially different. Because all organizations work in a dynamic environment, they must be constantly changed to be successful. Managing changes involves a variety of policies to explain how to mitigate them for smooth adoption. Managing change is one of the most important aspects of resisting change. To moderate every change, keeping the state is just human nature. However, since change was inevitable, the Organization should not prevent it, but should implement it without any hassle. The resistance to change may be disguised or attractive. For example, employees can respond to policy changes by directly rejecting and protesting. They may not prove to be opposed, but they can do so by accepting change. Managers need to be aware of these issues and explain that employees are making these changes without having to adopt the issue (Coch, L., & French, J.R.P., Jr. (2008)). Reasons for Resistance to Change In order to facilitate transition and change, managers should first determine the exact cause of resistance. This resistance to change is common in all organizations. Here are some common reasons: 1. It's hard to find something I've always wanted to do to make them new. 2. Change always changes the individual, the authority, and the influence. As a result, those affected by this change will always resist. 3. People who are determined to keep customs rather than take risks and do new things will always prevent change. This may be because of your insecurity or lack of creativity. References Coch, L., & French, J.R.P., Jr. (2008). Overcoming resistance to change. Human Relations, 1(4), 512-532. Dent, E. B. (2017). The design, development and evaluation of measures of individual worldview. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, The George Washington University, School of Business and Public Management
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