Critically evaluate the claim that tele-medicine enhances physical health.

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The structure of this paper is " argument1 + argument2 +argument3 + counter argument + refutation". This paper should hold the view that telemedicine has a positive impact on physical health (not involving mental health), highlight the application of the Internet in telemedicine, the word count should be 1500 (+/-20%), the source should provide at least 10 academic papers, such as Journal or published books, and the reference list should be provided. Support evidence in the paper should include some data and case study.

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Role of Telemedicine in Physical Health

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Role of Telemedicine in Physical Health
The health care industry has received enormous growth owing to the integration of
modern technology. Today, many reforms have been witnessed which range from the application
of computer software to manage patient record and ease the treatment plans. However, the main
challenge facing the sector is to ensure accessibility and convenience of services for both
medical practitioners and the patients. One of the solutions implemented is the introduction of
telemedicine. The mode allows the use of telecommunication technology such as computers and
mobile phones to provide medical services to patients (Krupinski, 2014). This is enabled through
emails, phone calls, mobile apps, and video chats. The health care workers can make a diagnosis
and offer treatment plans to patients without necessarily visiting the hospitals. This paper
elaborates on the contribution of telemedicine towards the patients' physical health. A broad
explanation has been offered on how telemedicine has contributed to radical changes on the
patient nutritional health, weight, personal hygiene, among others.
Telemedicine is an ideal approach to patient care as it has changed the lives of many
Americans. It has gained popularity as the society has equally advanced in terms of technology.
At least 80%of American households can possess a telecommunication device, i.e., a mobile
phone or a computer. Telemedicine has been present for decades, but its ample utilization was
received in the last two decades. The giant technology has, therefore brought telecommunication
as a competitive tool in the health sector. A recent research study of health care executives
revealed that 90% of US hospitals had implemented the telemedicine program into the
organizations. This has prompted small providers like retail clinics to adopt telehealth to avoid
losing patients. The American Telemedicine Association announced that the application of
telecommunication in healthcare helped over 15 million in 2015 (Khandpur, 2017). Most of the
population is from the urban areas as more significant benefits have been experienced.
One of the contributions of telemedicine on enhancing patients' health safety is that it
helps to diagnose diseases and offer treatment faster. Some, such as stroke are quite severe. It
requires a patient to receive fast treatment to...

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