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With respect to gene editing in human embryos, most research is focused on fixing or removing harmful mutations that may cause diseases, but there are some fears of creating designer babies. In addition, we can edit the genes in adults, if we use a targeted approach. Read the articles below, and then respond to the prompt.

Pro and Con: Should Gene Editing be Performed on Human Embryos? Pro by Harris (2016) and Con by Darnovsky (2016).

  • Find a reputable resource, making sure to add an attribute or URL so that we can all view it, concerning gene editing in human embryos or adults. 
  • Make sure to add a descriptive title so that others know what you are discussing.
  • Briefly summarize the main take home points of the research – make sure to include scientific terminology and discussion (remember, we are in a biology class!). 
  • Some questions to consider: What is your take on the research? Are there any benefits and/or costs? Should we be focusing on this? Is there reason for concern?

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Title: Utilizing Genome Editing Technology is Incredibly Dangerous and Unethical
Genome editing technology seems ideal considering the many diseases that plague our planet,
such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease; however, upon doing more research, I believe
utilizing these technologies is potentially dangerous. In the article Pro and Con: Should Gene
Editing be P...

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