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  • An explanation of the potential ethical issues, risks, and benefits of your proposed study, based on the questions in Section III, Potential Risks and Benefits, on the IRB Application.
  • What you can do in formulating your entire research plan to ensure that it will pass initial IRB review?

CXU Wk8 Assign

Review the readings, websites, and media listed in this week’s Learning Resources, write 3-4 pages on the following:

  • Describe, briefly, the design you have selected, and whether your design supports quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research.
  • Describe, briefly, the methodology you have selected, whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed.
  • Explain why you chose this design and method and how you differentiate design from method. In what ways it is a logical method to answer your research question?
  • Describe the alignment and consistency of the research questions, research design, and methodology.
  • Describe, briefly, the population or type of data you plan to sample for your Dissertation, and why.
  • Describe the data collection and sampling methods you plan to use and explain why you plan to use them.
  • Describe at least two issues (e.g., reliability, validity, and/or ethical issues) that might arise when using the data collection and sampling methods.
  • Explain how you would prevent and/or minimize each of these issues.
  • Describe the specific type of analysis you might use (ANOVA, MANOVA, SEM, theming, concept analysis, etc.) to analyze your data and explain why. Be specific.

Support your Application Assignments with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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Potential Ethical Issues, Risks, and Benefits

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Potential Ethical Issues

The two questions that I included in section III regard how often the respondents have
encountered radical far-right groups and how the existence of such groups affect their lives. The
two questions present potential ethical issues. Two ethical issues that might arise from the
questions are the issues of privacy and confidentiality. Privacy regards the right to keep personal
matters secret (O’Sullivan et al., 2017). The respondents might find one or both of the questions
as intruding their privacy and pushing such a respondent to, nonetheless, share matters they
consider private would be an attempt to breach their right to privacy. A respondent can also
desire answers to the two questions be kept confidential as the questions are sensitive. Exposing
the participant as the source of the confidential information would breach their desire for
confidentiality. The ethical issue of informed consent might also arise from the two questions. A
participant might listen to one or both questions and find that they were not well-informed about
the purpose of the study and, thus, their consent was not informed.
Potential Risks
Answers to the two questions might present some risks to the respondents. Extreme farright groups operating in the area where the respondents reside might want to prevent their
activities from being publicized. Information from the respondents regarding how often they
encounter such groups and how the groups have impacted the participants’ lives would go
against the desire of the extremist groups. The groups might retaliate by harming the respondents
who exposed their presence and activities through means like insults, assaults, or other serious
harm. Ensuring the confidentiality of the responses would help avoid such an adverse outcome.
Another potential risk that may arise from the question regards me as the researcher. Failure to



honor the privacy and confidentiality rights of the respondents can lead to the respondents filing
a lawsuit to gain justice for my actions.
Potential Benefits
Answers to the two questions have crucial potential benefits to the law enforcement
agencies, policymakers, and the target population. If the answers to the questions result in the
conclusion that extreme far-right groups are highly active in the area where the study will be
conducted and the groups have severe adverse effects on ...

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