CRJ3300 Diversion or Deferred Adjudication Questions

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Argue for or against the following proposition: Diversion or deferred adjudication should be completely abolished as an option for defendants.

Based on your research, your response should include the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the purposes of pretrial diversion? Explain how pretrial diversion accomplishes one or more of the goals of corrections (rehabilitation, deterrence, etc.).
  • Describe the process of pretrial diversion in your local area. Specify the types of crime and offenders that qualify for pretrial diversion.
  • Is pretrial diversion a fair and equitable process? Consider whether there are any unfair aspects to the process.
  • Describe the ways in which pretrial diversion and drug courts are related.

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Diversion or Deferred Adjudication
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Diversion or Deferred Adjudication
The criminal justice system has changed in the last three decades, as more advanced and
sophisticated crimes and cases continue to emerge. In the process of conviction, a defendant is
allowed to apply some procedural options for them to undergo alternative sentencing choices
rather than wasting time in cell or prison. Hence, through diversion adjudication defendants,
have the right to seek dismissal for their case in exchange for adhering specific conditions set out
by the judicial system (Love, 2009). It can be in terms of cash bail and bond. In criminal justice,
deferred adjudication refers to a form of plea where a defendant pleads "guilty" to criminal
charges which in exchange can be given to do some diversion program such as community
service and supervision, treatment, and probation. Typically, this is done by a defendant to avoid
a formal conviction on their records (Zlatic et al., 2010). Therefore, in this case, it presents an
argumentative proposition that involves whether or not diversion adjudication should be
abolished entirely as an option for defendants.
The term pretrial diversion (PTD) is the procedural alternative for some unlawful crimes.
Diversion is where the offender gets the permit to undergo alternative sentencing choices rather
than spending time in cell or jail. The primary purpose of PTD is to seek to divert individual
defendants from court processes into a program administered by the US prison system, which
includes supervision and services program (Kremser, 2017). For years PTD has been known as
the alternative to prosecution, which since the late 1960s it has been used to accomplish some
goals of corrections such as deterrence, rehabilitation, etc. The PTD goals include: (i) relieving
court dockets and preserving legal supplies for more pressing matters; (ii) lessening the...

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