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NUR2633 Maternal Child Nursing

Rasmussen University


Assigned Culture: ______________________________________________________________________

Purpose: To recognize that individual culture does impact womans health care, communication, nutrition, and family influences that shape the families you are caring for.

Concept: Cultural Diversity

Objective: Write a paper regarding a culture and its impact on families, contraception, conception and birth.

Instructions: Create a cultural diversity paper.

  1. This project is to a be written paper 5 pages in length APA format. These 5 pages include a cover page and a reference page.
  2. Refer to Purnells’ Cultural Competency as a guide to assessing the patient in the identified culture from your Health Assessment course.
  3. Is education valued, are boy children preferred over gril children? How do they view families? Is contraception allowed and who is involved in the decision making regarding birth control choices?
  4. In an unintended pregnancy is adoption allowed? Is assisted reproductive technology accepted? What about donor sperm or surrogacy?
  5. Who attends childbirth? Where do women have babies? What are the special practices employed to support the new mom and baby? Who in the family system makes decisions regarding the woman’s health?
  6. What implications does culture present to the issues of womens’ health care?

See below ( 10 points)

Refer to Purnells’ Cultural Assesment Tool to address additional questions to enhance each section (See attached)


Description of requirement:

Total with comments


Overview of culture that is not familiar to you.

  • Study and investigate the role fo women in the culture you have chosen
  • Is education valued?
  • Is one gender preferred over another?
  • How does this culture view families?


What health care practices does this culture embrace that may be different than Western medicine?

a.What practices may interfere with health care?

b.What are the major illness common to the culture you are studying and what are its implications on pregnancy and birth?


What spiritual or religious practices does this culture follow?

a.Is contraception allowed and which forms are acceptable?

b.Who makes the decision regarding contraception choices?

c.Is assisted reproductive technology acceptable, donor sperm, surrogacy?Is adoption allowed?

d.What gives strengths and meaning to life?


Birth practices specific to your assigned culture:

a.Where do the women have babies, ( home birth, hospital, birth home) and who attends the birth? What are the special practices employed to support the mom or new baby?

b.Who in the family system makes decisions regarding the woman’s health such as an emergency cesarean section?

c.Include an explanation regarding how the content provides a focus for nursing assessment and or nursing interventions and nursing advocacy.


References: APA Format, in-text citation

  • References: Utilize in text citations within the power point slides and provide a reference at the bottom of the slide. Include a reference page slide.



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Cultural Diversity
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Cultural Diversity

Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular community, which includes
religion, language, art, social habits, and music. Culture influences people’s lives regarding their
views, beliefs, and values. Cultural diversity refers to a group of individuals from various culture.
Chinese culture is among the oldest cultures in the world. The paper tends to show how individual
culture affects the woman’s nutrition, health care, communication, and family influences in China.
The role of women in China culture is to be subordinate to their men (Harger et al.,
2013). Besides, the culture value education since they believe it improves someone’s career and
worth. In most cases, a boy child is valued more than a girl child is. Those who conceive and later
realize the unborn baby is a girl, they abor...

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