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Final Research Paper: International Organizations and Human Rights

Your final research paper should be between 3-5 pages, excluding the reference list. You must use Turabian style parenthetical references.

Explore and analyze the impact of an IGO, NGO or MNC on a specific human rights problem. Make sure to include overviews of the organizations you mention in your own words- no quotations, but be sure to cite paraphrased information.

Give the background of a specific human rights issue, event or incident where an IGO, NGO and/or MNC has taken action. Give a summary of that event, the outcome (or current progress) and an analysis of how you feel it was handled. Evaluate successes and failures, as well as what could have been done differently. Assess if the actors are cooperating on this issue and how well.

Your paper should have an:

Introduction with a thesis statement

Background of human rights issue

Background of the actor(s), and actions taken

Impact – what has been the outcome? Where did the actors succeed or fail? What could have been done differently? Should other actors have become involved? If so, who?


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Hello, find the paper attached.Regards

World Bank and the Human Rights Problems in Several
of its Mega-Funded Projects


Performance of Bretton Woods institutions; the World Bank and the International
Monetary Fund (IFM) is often evaluated from an economic perspective as opposed to sociopolitical angle1. Primarily established as reconstructions institutions aimed at provided loans and
aid to European countries that were highly affected by the Second World War, the World Bank
has been lauded for many of the programs it has funded and sponsored ever since. Despite the
accolades that go to the World Bank for initiating and supporting development projects in
developing countries, many socio-political impacts are never considered. Construction of megawater development dams in many countries is often shrouded with a lot of misery, corruption,
lack of transparency and abuse of human rights for the people affected by these projects. The
2,000 MW Mahaweli Sri Lanka mega multipurpose hydroelectric project constructed between
1970 to 1998 is a good example of the World Bank-funded project which has been engulfed with
apparent disregard of human rights2. Besides, there are other numerous World Bank-funded
projects including the Narmada River Valley dam project in India, controversial projects in
Brazil and accusations of child and forced labor accusations in Uzbekistan cotton industry
projects funded by the World Bank.
For an informed understanding of human rights problems associated with World Bankfunded projects, this paper will restrict itself to forced displacements and maltreatment of
indigenous people from their lands in multi-purpose mega-dam projects.


Alfred Maurice de Zayas. UN Independent Expert reports on World Bank and IMF human rights
performance by. Bretton Woods Project. October 2017 Retrieved from
Scudder, Thayer Ted. The future of large dams: Dealing with social, environmental, institutional
and political costs. Routledge, 2012.

World Bank Human Rights Record
According to the World Bank's Mission Statement, its main goal is to promote global
economic development and reduction of poverty3. In line with this mandate, the bank places a
priority on the funding of infrastructural projects such as roads and energy projects. In this sense,
the World Bank places much emphasis on economic growth and development parameters such as
GDP growth, and employment opportunities created from projects funded by the institution in
assessing the success and the failures of its programs.
Traditionally, the World Bank considers human rights issues to fall outside the scope of
its developmental mandate. For a long time, the institution has considered human rights as being
more of political considerations as oppos...

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