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  • Comment on availability of birth control in U.S. schools, family planning programs in school, the ethics of forced birth control, or how education can affect a woman’s childbearing, etc. (150 words)
  • Recent economic historians point to FDR's New Deal as prolonging the Depression and not solving the problem. Some political historians have gone so far as to claim that the New Deal was designed to create a permanent socialist state controlled by the Democratic Party.True/False or sour grapes from the Republicans who did the same thing during Reconstruction? (200 words)
  • Review Andrew Wilson's article 'Five Myths About the Great Depression (100 words)
  • How did consumerism, new technology and advertising change American culture in the 1920s? (150 words)
  • Do you think it is potentially beneficial to provide very young children with computers? Proponents argue that the earlier we start children out using technology, the better for them, as we are living in a technological society. Opponents say it is detrimental because it deprives a child of social interaction in his/her early years. (200 words)
  • After defining what an agent of socialization give specific examples of how each of the family, school, peer groups, mass media, gender has influenced you to be the person who you are today (200 words)

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Birth Control.
Birth control refers to precautions that can be taken by people who are sexually active in order to
prevent pregnancy. There are several types of birth control some of which are diaphragms, birth
control pills and others in women and condoms in men. Some people believe that young people
should be taught about birth control so that if they decide to have sex, they will know which
option they will use in order to protect themselves .While some believe that they should be
encouraged to practice abstinence before they get into marriage.
If the educators talk more about abstinence the higher percentage of young people will choose to
practice it .Others believe that it is unrealistic that they will choose abstinence since every person
makes his/her decisions about sex based on different factors.
The current generation of women spends most of their studying and looking for jobs .Most
women delay childbearing until their late thirties. On the other hand fertility among the
American women has contributed to decline; this is due to several factors one of which is

FDR’s New Deal
FDR’s New deal has helped to bring about the end of the Great Depression .There are various
reforms that were put in place to ensure that there would be no other Great Depression such as
encouragement of labor movement, establishment of social security and federal regulations
(Nelson, 1930).Also Dr. Lichtenstein states that the several programs that were created through
the New Deal brought about the positive impact on the U.S economy .For instance, the social
security Act provided income, disabled and children of poor families and the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation insured the savings of Americans whenever they had bank failure.
Additionally, National Industrial Recovery Act of 1935 was authorized to promote “fair
competition” through fixing of prices and wages .The subsequent National Labor Relations Act
that paved way for collective bargaining and promoted the development of labor movement in
United States.
Though the programs of the New Deal cannot be given all credit it has reduced the Great
Depression .Other factors such as World War II lowered unemployment and increased GNP
which played a great role as well, says Lichtenstein .The Works Progress Administration that
was created in 1935, brought a positive impact since it enabled moiré than 8 million Americans
to get employment.

Five Myths about the Great Depression
Firstly where the market had failed, the government stepped in to protect ordinary people.
.Secondly Herbet Hoover , elected president in 1928 believed that markets were self-connecting
and it is the government’s mandate to intervene in support of incomes in employment .The third
was on stock market crash in October 1929 that consisted of policies that destroyed the economy
such as Smooth-Hawley tariff Hoover’s disastrous agricultural policies that involved the
Agricultural marketing.
Another one was that greed caused the stock market overshoot and then crash and lastly Hoover
wanted to reign in the stock market by allowing the interest rates to rise above the normal rates
and lastly the government pulled the nation from its worst situation and came to capitalism
through tough regulations.

Consumerism, new technology and advertising in the 1920’s
Consumerism is the theory that economically attracts the attainment of goods and services in
increasing amounts .During the 1920’s American consumerism increased due to technical
advancements and innovative ideas in the areas of communication, transport and manufacturing
.They moved from their old ways of keeping away from debts to the idea of buying goods in
installments and advertising in large numbers through the newspapers and radios .Many radio
stations came up and advertised news ,political stories and other news .More so many families
strived to achieve new standards of living since they relied on new forms of credit.
As a result of new technology access to electricity became more common .Investors came up
with new and more household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, radios and
other things .These new things were expensive but the use of installment plans made them
available to a larger part of the population .Also, new devices gave women opportunities to
expand their horizons by improving the standards of domestic work.

Impact of computers to young children.
Computers have both good and bad influence on the child’s life .The internet is a fantastic
invention readily available in computers. It enables kids to express themselves and show
creativity on different sites . At a young age it allows children of different social background to
connect and share ideas. It enables kids to play games and learn about different things therefore,
it facilitates classroom enrichment in a kid’s life.
On the other hand computers may cause young children to lose track of time on those devices
hence making them more addicted .This is because most of their time is spent on computers thn
actual socialization and interaction with others kids or friends. This leads to lose of real
connection which comes from face to face conversation. The ability on life skills of young
children also deteriorates such as problem-solving and critical thinking due to overdependence
on computers.

Agents of Socialization
Socializing agents are the social structures used by the society in order to achieve socialization.
They include;
Family and gender
This is the primary socializing agent .It is within the family that the child learns the first lesson
of the social roles .For example, the family shows the child how to relate with others such as
friends, adults and strangers .From the family circle gender roles are introduced and the child is
socialized to behave accordingly and adopt them.
It is the first formal institution and produces a long period of socialization .The school
curriculum provides the child with formal basic intellectual skills such as reading and writing
.For example ,school can built a sense of competition where children participate in an English
contest and from there they learn there are winners and losers in the society.
Peer Groups
It refers to people with the same age set .For example , the adolescent peers influence our tastes
in clothes , music and other aspects of life and due to this interaction friendship is formed
.Friends are important since we rely on them for emotional comfort and support and for
Mass Media
They include films ,magazines ,newspapers ,radios and others .They provide entertainment and
education and they help individuals to socialize positively or negatively .For example ,young
people watching violent programs have tendencies of aggressive

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