Complete discussion question and reply back to two students for art class.


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I have attached the file below. The file includes the question which is to analyze 10 paintings and reply back to two students.

The file also includes 10 pictures of the paintings. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you

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DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do I want you to analyze and write about while viewing these paintings? Here are your guidelines and goals: 1. There are two paintings by five artists. Match the artists with their pair of paintings. (I HAVE ALREADY MATCHED THE ARTIST WITH THE PAINTINGS BELOW) 2. We've learned in the first three chapters about Purposes and Functions of art. Several paintings in the 10 were created for specific purposes. Identify the purpose of one painting (or more if you can!). 3. Identify the predominate Art Element(s) that stand out for each of the 10 paintings. 4. Optional: Identify any Principles of Art that stand out in the paintings. I am purposely not providing you with the names of the artists, titles of the works, or dates when they were created. This is not a research assignment/discussion! I'm interested in you analyzing the paintings in terms of what we've already covered in the chapters (the Purposes and Functions and the Art Elements that the artists used to create the painting). Respond to another classmate's post (or response) - respond back to two students. 1ST STUDENT: MIRIELLE In my opinion, Pablo Picasso expressed his sadness in “The old Guitarist” as if he was going through tough period of time. The pale colours used in this painting represents serious expression of human suffering. Therefore, this painting is an example of Art as self expression. Another example would be, “The Death of Marat” this painting reminds me of the dead Christ, the right arm dangling and blood spots covering his body bring a vivid image of Christ crucified. Thus, this is an example of Art in worship and Ritual. The Art elements: 8-Bonaparte: control and firm trust (Dark and clear colours). 5-The Death of Marat: art for commemoration (Pale colours). 1-Acrobat: double portrait of two boys (The difference in height between these boys stands out). 2-Ploughing: it spots the charms of country life (Value; the lightness or darkness of objects). 3&6 colourful and innovative art (The illusion of depth an texture are two elements present in these two pictures). 4- delicate watercolours and shapes. 2ND STUDENT: ARIAS In terms of matching the paintings I suggest paintings 1 and 9 because of the artist's similar style and paintbrush, paintings 6 and 3 are similar because of their use of color blue as well as the outdoor scenery painted, paintings 4 and 10 because they use the same color scheme as well as geometric shapes in their paintings, paintings 5 and 8 because of their similar dramatic painting style that includes surrealistic details and shadows that show important figures, and lastly paintings 2 and 7 in which they both share similar brush strokes and theme. After reviewing all of the paintings, painting 8 had an identifiable purpose. Overall the painting is displaying a man on a horse in a dramatic position where the painter intensifies the colors and shadows. The artist makes the man on the horse (Alexander Bonaparte) like a leader heading straight into war. He uses a dramatic neo-classical style of artwork and concentrates a lot of his detail on Alexander rather than the background in order to identify the importance and greatness of Alexander. painting 1 - Pablo Picasso f painting 2 - Rosa Bonheur painting 3 - David Hockney painting 4 - Charles Demuth painting 5 - Jacques Louis David painting 6 - Death of Marat painted by Jaques Louis David Painting 7- Rosa Bonheur Painting 8 - Pablos Picasso painting 9 - Jacques Louis David painting 10- Charles Demuth ...
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Running head: ART ANALYSIS


Art Analysis
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Matching the Paintings

From the different themes and styles that are shown by the artists, it is possible to come
up with a match of which art pieces were done by the same artists. The first match that I can
identify is between 1 and 9. Both seem to have the same characteristics with respect to their use
of color and theme. Second, there is 2 and 7, which both have the theme of animals and the
colors used in the paintings. Paintings 4 and 10 are also closely related as they both have a sense
of modernity and look like they represent a more current event. Paintings 3 and 6 share the use of
the swimming pool and the outdoor scenery. Lastly, 5 and 8 are a match because of the dramatic
nature of the paintings where one can almost feel emotions through them. The use of the right
elements in art helps the artists to pass on the message that they had in mind in a very unique

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