UCI Evicted Poverty and Profit in The American City Annotated Bibliography

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At the minimum, your paper should be 1500 words (including in-text citations but not bibliography.) You should aim to include at least 1 primary source (perhaps from the primary source assignment); 1 multimodal source (photo, graph, chart, etc.: don't worry too much about this yet; we'll be discussing multimodality today in class), 1 academic source, and 1 popular source. (Remember that you'll need to use between 6-8 sources in the final draft, but 4 is okay for now.) You should also have a Works Cited page for all the sources you cite in your paper, and a separate annotated bibliography in which you evaluate and assess these sources. Your Prospectus should come at the beginning of the document. Please make sure that multimodal elements work: links should be live, graphics should be clear. Remember that this is a rhetorical situation. You want to engage and delight the reader. Clear, legible, well-composed writing with obvious paragraphs and through-lines are a must. Every paragraph should have a thesis-support sentence. Don't worry about making a big conclusion just yet. Just make your points, with support.

Please work on an academic title, which offers the formal construction of an argument or at least introduces the dynamic of the problem-failure thesis of your essay. No headlines, humor or puns. An academic or scholarly title generally has a colon separating the nature of the problem and its cause. You will also want to appropriately offer, introduce key words, subject, experts, and key players. Feel free to include an epigraph but not one that is too easy or general (Benjamin Franklin!) but instead perhaps something you have located in your research which points to and emphasizes the theme of the essay and echoes your "promise to the reader."


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The main cause of eviction has been the high costs of housing. Housing in the past two decades was affordable. As matter of fact, housing costs were very low in the year 2000 to 2006.

UCI Evicted Poverty and Profit in The American City Annotated Bibliography
UCI Evicted Poverty and Profit in The American City Annotated Bibliography
UCI Evicted Poverty and Profit in The American City Annotated Bibliography

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Hey bro, your work is complete. Please have a look at it and in case you might need any correction, feel free to hit me up ASAP.They are the HCP DRAFT 1 and the Annotated Bibliography as required

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Annotated Bibliography
Desmond, Matthew. Evicted: Poverty and profit in the American city. Broadway Books, 2016.
In this source, Desmond Matthew thoroughly looks into the problem of eviction. He
explores various ways through which eviction occurs and its major causes, both legal and civil as
well as social causes. Desmond uses various examples from the research he had done over
several years and the data he had obtained on the same. The main example he uses were the
major evictions that were experienced in Milwaukee. Evictions in this place cause many people
to become homeless. Desmond also looks at how eviction has accelerated poverty in various
parts of the United States and later provides several recommendations and solutions to curb the
Hartman, Chester, and David Robinson. "Evictions: The hidden housing problem." Housing
Policy Debate 14.4 (2003): 461-501. Accessed on July 15, 2019, from;
This source presents various data collected on the housing problem of eviction on a state
and on a national level. The source explains various impacts that the problem of eviction brings
about. It also explains how evictions lead to poverty. It details the importance of having a
national database on eviction and outlines the various steps that can be used to form and achieve

the same. This source relates to the thesis statement because is centers around explaining the
causes of eviction and ways that can be done to eradicate it beginning with having a national
database on the evictees so that it can be known what happens to them, shy eviction occurs, who
it mostly occurs to., where they are, and how many they are in number.
USA Catholic Review. “Eviction: Not just a condition, but a cause of poverty.” USA Cd. Rev. 34
(3): 17. Accessed on July 15, 2019, from;
This source acts as a review of the book that is being used in Writing Class 39C. It
explains how eviction is a major cause of poverty among low-income earning American families.
It explains the various negative impacts that eviction brings with it while stressing on poverty is
the major cause. This source goes hand in hand with our thesis which is the fact that poverty and
other poverty-related problems are brought about by eviction as a result of a tenant not paying
rent because of the various eternal factors explained in the HCP Draft 1.
Emily, Pfeiffer. “Why We Need to Stop Evictions Before They Happen.” How Housing Matters.
July 25, 2018. Accessed on July 15, 2019, from;
This is a multimodal source. The source presents several charts explaining why eviction
need to stop. It explains the various causes of evictions and the ways that can be used to curb
these causes. The source also vividly explains why people fail to pay rent. It also explains what
happens to the evictees, and pover...

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