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The essay is about ethical dilemma the topic you will be writing about MEDICAL FUTILITY the paper should defend your point of view about medical futility and address opposing and different viewpoints . you will also include ethical principals in this paper such as autonomy , beneficence , fidelity , justice , veracity , and non maleficence and how they relate to medical futility . also include in this paper the relevant ethical principles from the code of ethics for nurses 2001. include in the paper the concerned parties in the ethical/legal situation are clear , the pros and cons of possible alternatives to medical futility are clear and stated in ethical terms . And you MUST be clear on how you would resolve the dilemma and support your choice with justification . The paper should contain five well written pages Also identify the arguments of those who offer a different view or perspective. also cite sources for your information on a separate piece of paper using apa format

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Procreation and Scientific Interventions
Every marriage casts a lot of hopes on procreation as an absolute gift or incredible
milestone to mark the union of man and woman. Nevertheless, issues surrounding reproduction
in particular futility capabilities of either husband, wife or even both exist. According to Pardo
(2011), the scientific advancement in the matters of futility solution has been ousted as a moral
concern, especially for religious institutions. The provision of scientific alternatives, such as IVF
or IUI would instead be considered personal choice rather than a moral concern for the religious
institutions (Pardo, 2011). In as much as the Catholics strongly oppose development made
towards futility matters, the methods prove to be a better deal than the natural approach.
The consideration of eradication of biological anomalies for the babies would be news
very welcome in the modern world. The moral perspective on the application of technological
mechanism is a disturbing issue taking into account critical cases of biological dysfunctions.
Furthermore, the concerns over biological deformation of infants is a critical matter whereby
most families have been caught up in a dilemma to either seek risky medical assistance or not
(Veatch, 2010). However, the tussle regarding morality and legality nature of the Baby Doe
reflects on how the burden of choice on futility and biological issues can be consequential. It is
imperative for the parents to understand the nature of scientific development in procreation and
futility and the matter would involve personal choices rather than morality perspective of other
Medical Futility and Ethical Dilemma
The debate about medical futility is more often than not misinterpreted in the context of
application and consequences on the patients, relatives and physicians (Sheather, & Shah, 2011).
The provision of medical intervention concerns the delivery of beneficial assistance rather than



bare efforts. The commitment of medical resources targets to deliberate on all available medical
intervention to help a patient in any situation. It ...

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