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Please do your best to limit your initial response to the question to 350 or less words and replies to other students to 200 or less words. Focus on quality over quantity. Follow this expectation throughout the course discussions.

Kotter, as cited in Gorchels (2012), describes the work of leaders and the work of managers. Review the following video Develop New Products (Links to an external site.), then in your discussion post, provide a cited example of a new product or service and how it was led from concept to commercial development. Who led the efforts and how do these efforts fit with Kotter’s descriptions of management and leadership? What impact has this new product or service had on society?

As always, provide clear, concise, focused, and well-documented responses and respond to at least two posts by colleagues. Make sure your comment is a relevant, informative comment. Source citations should be in conformity with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

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MGT 571 Week 1 Discussion
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Leadership personality plays a significant role in product development. By examining the role of
teams in developing radical and incremental innovations, the needs of the customers are met.
Product development is essential for an organization’s success. Even though not a comfortable
idea, organizations that need to remain ...

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