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Throughout this course, you have explored the concepts of educational leadership through creating and maintaining a safe school environment. In addition to acquiring this knowledge, you have also considered how to use your collaboration skills to cultivate and maintain relationships with students, parents and guardians, stakeholders, and community members.

For your Learning Outcomes Project, you will create a crisis plan that will support a safe school culture and mobilize resources to respond effectively to a crisis situation.

Taking on the role of the principal of a high school, in Module 1 you analyzed the challenges of creating a safe school environment and culture. In addition to striving to develop a safe school culture, you must also be realistic about providing a crisis plan for a worst-case scenario of violent intruders. Every school district should have a plan for developing and maintaining an overall safe and supportive school culture in each building. This means striving to keep students, faculty, and staff physically and emotionally secure in the day-to-day events in their school building.

The Learning Outcomes Project for this course is to create a crisis plan. You can use the various resources provided to you in this course’s readings, media, textbooks, and Discussions. You may also use resources and knowledge from your own school setting.

For this Assignment, assume the role of the principal at Grand City High School. You have discovered that a crisis plan does not exist. All that exist are general comments in the district handbook that state that the school buildings will provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, faculty, and staff. There is no specific plan for what you should if an intruder or intruders decide to bring violence into a building. What structure or plans need to be in place to respond effectively to a crisis?

As a starting point for your plan, review the crisis plan in your own educational setting, which you can use as a reference. For your Learning Outcomes Project, you may choose to update this plan or create a new crisis plan.

Your crisis plan should include the following:

  • Introduction: (approx. 1–2 pages)
    • Explain the purpose and goals of your crisis plan, specifically addressing how the plan will support a safe school culture and mobilize resources to respond effectively to a crisis situations..
  • Body (approx. 5–6 pages): Using the template provided create the sections of your crisis plan as follows:
    • Describe your plan of action including the following:
      • Your crisis response plan including a crisis response team (e.g., assistant principal, director of guidance, other members)
      • Your plan for evacuating the school during the crisis
      • Your communication plan for notifying outside agencies (e.g., police, hospitals, counseling agencies)
      • Your communication plan for notifying parents/guardians
      • Your media communications strategy (e.g., how and when do you notify the media, in what area can they work, who addresses the media)
      • Your plan to incorporate community resources to assist students and personnel in the aftermath of the crisis
    • Explain how your plan will be effective in responding to and mitigating crisis situations and will maintain a safe school culture and minimize negative impact.
  • Summary: (approx.1–2 pages)
    • Summarize the insights you gained as a result of creating this crisis plan and how you will utilize these insights to inform efforts in your own school setting.
  • Reference Page: All scholarly resources must follow APA (6th ed.) guidelines. All references and research studies used to support the crisis plan should be evidence-based and scholarly in nature.

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Grand City High School Crisis Plan
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Every learning institution needs to have a well elaborative crisis plan. Formulating one
for Grand City High School is therefore essential to ensure the school remains prepared in case
of any crisis that may hit the institution unexpectedly. Through the various concepts of
leadership that require the creation and maintenance of a safe school environment, the below
crisis plan has been stipulated with a consideration of several factors and requirements
(Bridgford et al., 2008). One of the primary objectives, in this case, is the mobilization of
resources to help in the quick response in case of the occurrence of a crisis. This requires a wellformulated plan that involves the input of various stakeholders. Pulling of resources and
inclusiveness of all stakeholders will guarantee that the students, staff, and faculty members are
assured of their emotional and physical security during their daily work activities in the school.
Consequently, the crisis plan seeks to stipulate the necessary course of action should an
intruder bring violence in the school. This requires equipment with the necessary infrastructure
and institution of the necessary knowledge for the course of action in case such an incident
occurs. The plan will also help in abiding by the provision by the education docket that mandates
schools to have well elaborate crisis plans. This will similarly help upgrade Grand City High
School from a mere provision of comments that it has been relying on. For quite an extended
period, the school has been relying on the comments that have been stipulated by the district
handbook. These comments indeed have a proper provision on how school buildings are meant
to offer a supportive environment for the faculty, staff, and students. However, these provisions
are general and are ignorant of Grand City High School culture, environment, infrastructure, and
other vital resources.



Crisis response plan and the crisis response team
In case of a glaring intrusion of the school premises by the violent intruders, the first
action to response in should be to give a notification to everyone within the school’s premises of
the occurrence of the incidence. In this case, an alarm is to be released continuously thrice at
alternating intervals of one minute. This will be the notifying agent to all the stakeholders on the
dangerous occurrence. The minute interval will cumulatively add up to three minutes, which are
enough to allow students and other stakeholders within the facility to assimilate the incident
(Collins, 2007). This will actively help reduce the chances of panic responses, especially from
the students.
The assistant deputy will have the mandate of sounding the alarm after an evaluation that
the occurring situation us with that kind of a reaction. The school should also work towards
installing automatically lockable doors, especially to the students’ hostels and the gate accessing

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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