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Hi buddy, the case is called "The parable of the Sadhu Case" I need 2 copies for that (1 for me and 1 for my friend) 1 page and half (if you can) and make sure you answer every question found at the end of the reading in details please. This is needed by Saturday, July 20th.

The discussions are 3.3 and 3.7(part 1, part 2) because I had a hard time uploading this one. 1 page is good. Make sure you answer the questions in details please. This is needed by Thursday, July 18th.

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1. Identify the stakeholders in the case and their interests. 2. Describe the ethical and professional responsibilities of Tony Cupertino. Assume you are in Tony Cupertino's position and know you have to do something about the improper accounting in the Southern sales division. Consider the following in crafting a plan how best to voice your values and take appropriate action: 3. How can you get it done effectively and efficiently? 4. What do you need to say, to whom, and in what sequence? 5. What will the objections or pushback be? 6. What would you say next? What data and other information do you need to make your point and counteract the reasons and rationalizations you will likely have to address? 1. Does it seem reasonable that Olympus engaged in an accounting fraud for so long and the auditors did not detect it? Were the transactions in question and accounting for them something that should have been detected earlier through proper accounting procedures? Explain. 2. What caused the failure of the auditors to act on the fraud? Explain. 3. Evaluate the corporate culture at Olympus, including corporate governance. What were the shortcomings? What do you think caused them? 4. Do you believe Michael Woodford did the right thing by blowing the whistle on accounting irregularities? Were there other options open to him? Explain. 5. Once Michael Woodford was fired, could he have made a whistleblower's claim with the SEC under Dodd-Frank? Why or why not?
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Case Discussion Questions
Part A: United Thermostat Case
Question one
Some of the key stakeholders in the case include the top management of United and the
company, Tony Cupertino, Frank Campbell, division directors, current and potential investors, the
external auditors, as well as, the regulators. The key interest of most stakeholders is transparency,
legitimacy, and honesty as far as the company’s activities are concerned.
Question two
Tony Cupertino, as a CIA, is supposed to uphold and apply confidentiality, objectivity,
competence, and integrity traits in the company. Also, he is responsible for the veracity of the
financial processes. Eventually, this will strengthen the internal records of the company.
If in the position of Tony Cupertino, following the improper accounting processes in the
southern division sales, I will initiate thorough auditing processes that will ensure the integrity of
all transactions in the company.
Question three
I will make the plan effective by ensuring that all employees who engage in financial
dishonesty are held responsible for their actions. This will be actualized by observing the relevant
federal laws as well as the AICPA code of conduct.
Question four
I will also communicate the plan to the top management of the company. Needless to
mention, I will inform them about the situation in the division and my strategy to ensure that it’s

resolved. Also, I will engage the auditing staff to look into the matter with a lot of keenness and
Question five
Objections like the plan might be costly to the company may arise in the process. This is
because the company is interested in making good profits from its activities. As such, activities
that seem to be capital intensive, like hiring external auditors to evaluate the financial activities of
the company may not be welcomed to the company.
Question six
To counteract the objections, I will advise the management that the process is meant for
the better and success of the company. In spite of the expenses, the company will be a long-term
beneficiary of the services. For instance, if the company is found with improper financial records
with the relevant bodies, it will be fined heavily, thus leading to ...

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