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Complete Artist research paper for art class.. Instructions are attached below along with a example essay. Length of paper is minimum two pages double-spaced. The is no maximum length requirement.

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Artist Research Paper #1 Choose an artist who works in 2D formats creating drawings, paintings, animation, manga, anime, or illustration. Choose one or more works of art from the artist to write a Formal Analysis. Analyze the work (this is called a Formal Analysis in the world of art) using the seven recognized art elements and the principles of design. The art elements may include Line, Value, Color, Shape, Form, Space and Texture. Principles of design include Balance, Rhythm, Repetition, Size, Scale, Proportion, Emphasis, Unity, Movement, Variety, and Contrast. Other areas of discussion may include the use of Light and Perspective (Linear and/or Isometric). Only discuss using art elements/principles of design that stand out in the work you are analyzing. Begin by writing about why you like the work. What stands out? Which art elements? Is it the color? The camera angle? The illusion of depth? When writing your paper, begin with the strongest elements and move from there. Hint: Develop and build on your observations in a logical sequence. Have someone proof read your paper. Here is an example of a nicely written paper: PLEASE SEE THE EXAMPLE ESSAY I HAVE ATTACHED Besides analyzing the art, also present a Contextualization of the work. A Contextualization in art represents the "Ws." Who, what, where, when, why; this is where your research comes in. Provide proper citations in an acceptable format such as APA, MLA, Chicago or Turabian. Please provide an image of the art you analyze as an attachment. Length of paper is minimum two pages, double-spaced. The is no maximum length requirement. However, I'm looking for quality over quantity in your analysis and context research. Siu 1 Nick Siu 23 April 2019 2D Design and Color Art Research Paper Banksy The two dimensional artist who I resonate with the best is known as Banksy. He is a street artist who has recently made his presence known in the “commercial industry.” Although it is not confirmed, he is believed to have been born in Bristol, England in 1974 which makes him about 45 years old. His identity is not actually known, but in an article written by Will EllsworthJones published to the, the author gives much insight to an interview he had with Banksy, and we are able to see a sliver of who is behind these amazing works of art. In an effort to explain why Banksy hides behind his name, Ellsworth-Jones states, “By 1999, he was headed to London. He was also beginning to retreat into anonymity. Evading the authorities was one explanation—Banksy ‘has issues with the cops.’ But he also discovered that anonymity created its own invaluable buzz.” As most people can imagine, remaining anonymous has its benefits, but I personally believe that the main reason is to avoid living in the public eye. Famous people are unable to go out in public without being harassed, and this probably plays a role in Banksy’s choice to remain anonymous. One of his most famous works to date is one that was recently destroyed. Banksy works as a stenciled artist, and this “Girl With Balloon” piece is just one of many repeated works throughout the world. In an article on, it is stated, “Girl with Balloon first surfaced in 2002 on a dirty concrete wall under the stairway of a loading dock in the South Bank of London. Since then, the young girl letting go of her balloon has become a popular symbol of innocence and hope in the face of diversity, and is one of the best-known examples of Banksy art in the world.” Siu 2 In a recent auction for the rare piece on canvas, the moments after the piece was sold, a paper shredder took the piece and “destroyed” half of it. To some, the piece was ruined. But to most, the piece was made even more valuable. The composition itself is a beautiful piece with the very recognizable Banksy touch. The use of black and grey along with spot color makes the piece vibrant even though it shouldn’t be. The use of line drags our eyes from the girl, down her arm to her hand, and across the piece to the heart-shaped balloon. We see movement within the piece through the wind blowing her hair, dress, and the balloon to the right. The piece is excellently balanced with the girl in the bottom left and the balloon floating away in the top right. The size of the girl dwarfs the balloon, but again, the use of spot color give weight to the balloon which balances the composition even more. In Banksy’s recent work, “Season’s Greetings,” we see a great deal going on. I find this to be my favorite of all his works, even though it is straightforward once you see the full scope. Siu 3 As I look at the child enjoying the “snow,” I find myself traveling into that world and I feel like I am right next to him. This might be due to the fact that Banksy has created depth within this piece from the darkness surrounding the child, as well as the dumpster fire “behind” him on the side wall. The depth along with the movement displayed from the ashes falling down allows me to find myself deep into the world of this art. I can imagine the ashes falling and the boy jumping around as he laughs in the cool winter night. I can feel the warmth of the dumpster fire and hear the crackling in the silence surrounding the boy. The piece was beautifully composed with the use of black and white and a spot color of red and orange in the fire. The grey brick wall and the graffiti on the dumpster gives life to the piece and texturizes the work in a beautiful way. The greatest part about the piece is the irony it shows. Banksy uses three dimensions to tell a story but only uses paint in the two dimensions of the walls. The use of space tells two completely different stories and invokes a feeling of guilt within the viewer. On one side of the wall, a child is enjoying the winter night and the snowfall that is occurring. On the other side of the wall, you see the “snow cloud” trace back to its origins which happen to be a dumpster fire. Once you put it all together, you realize that the children of today are essentially playing in toxic snow and rain due to all of the pollutants we have put into the atmosphere. Banksy used space in such an amazing matter and I have never felt emotion as strongly as I have in this piece. In just these two pieces alone, you can start to get a feel of the repetition Banksy shows. He consistently uses neutral backgrounds, black and white paint, and then splashes of spot color to give the art life. He emphasizes everything in the perfect manner through color, and makes us think about things we often overlook. Banksy uses his art to call the viewer to action such as the pollution we are putting out in the atmosphere, or in other pieces in which he highlights economic inequalities. Siu 4 Works Cited Ellsworth-Jones, Will. “The Story Behind Banksy.”, Smithsonian Institution, 1 Feb. 2013, Friedman, Jacob. “Girl With Balloon.” Hexagon Gallery, 15 Mar. 2017, ...
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Jack Vettriano
Thesis statement: By comparing the work of Jack Vettriano and that of another artist, one can
clearly tell it is unique in the use of colors and the message portrayed.
1. Jack Vettriano
2. The Singing Butler
3. The Innocents
4. Conclusion

Running head: JACK VETTRIANO


Jack Vettriano
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Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano is a Scottish artist who is among my most favorite artists. His works are of
many themes, and they depict different stories that are best told through the paintings
themselves. He was born on 17th November 1957 as Jack Hoggan and is now aged 67 years old.
He began painting in the late 1980s and has produced many art pieces ever since with all of them
telling a different story. Vettriano is a self-taught artist who was able to create art through a
precise combination of colors and shadows, which is a district style. By comparing the work of
Jack Vettriano and that of another artist, one can tell it is unique in the use of colors and the
message portrayed.
The Singing Butler



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