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How are AI and automation software changing students’ expectations about their future employment?

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Artificial intelligence Azlan Allen Gatekeeper Scholarship Essay 1 Artificial intelligence AI and automation on students’ future employment Each student pursuing education at different levels expects to be employed in the future. Students expect that after pursuing their courses, they will be employed in order to earn a living and make their lives better. However, with the coming of artificial intelligence, which results to a lot of automation, has changed the expectation of students on their future employment. Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence. Artificial intelligence can react and work as human beings hence leading to automation. AI makes machines adjust to new inputs, learn from experience as well as carry out tasks like human beings. Some of the activities that machines with artificial intelligence can perform are solving problems, planning, reasoning, learning, manipulating and moving objects as well as speech recognition. Artificial intelligence results to more efficiency, accuracy, and automation which are necessary in carrying out any type of task which has greatly changed the expectation of students on their future employment. With artificial intelligence, students expect that employment in the future will be scarce as most of the tasks will be undertaken by machines. Machines run by AI are highly productive, effective, and efficient in carrying out their tasks as compared to human labor. Many businesses and people will therefore, prefer to use AI rather than human beings (Osborne, M. A.2017). Therefore, there is need for students to be extremely skilled in whatever they do for them to be employed. AI will greatly excel technological unemployment. Students should therefore. Be aware that employment in the future is not a guarantee. The smarter ones are the ones who will be lucky enough to be employed and students should therefore, strive to be better. Due to technological unemployment caused by AI, students also expect that the government will put 2 Artificial intelligence regulations and policies to regulate the kind of work that will be undertaken by people and which ones will be carried out by machines. Doing this, the government will help to reduce unemployment in the country especially among the youth by providing them with knowledge on what to do as well as increasing productivity by clearly stating the tasks to be undertaken by machines. AI will reduce the knowledge that people require about a particular job as well as the working skills. There will only be need for an individual to memorize some particular data and not have knowledge about the tasks they perform as most of the tasks are performed by machines. It is highly likely to cause laziness among students. Students will be required to have minimum skill on how to operate machines run by AI and not actually a lot of knowledge on the kind of job they are required to do and this can lead to stoppage of work in case the machines fail. AI also requires the input of human beings to carry out different tasks. Therefore, apart from seen as a cause of unemployment, it will also result to the creation of jobs. Individuals will be required to carry out different tasks on computers run by AI. Tasks that require operations such as algorithms, applications, and explaining the performance and behavior of AI require human beings. Therefore, students need to identify those careers, which are still competitive in this advancing world of technology and venture into them. In addition to the training that an individual has undertaken on how to perform a particular job, students should also pursue computer courses. It will be an added advantage to them as they will know how to operate the tasks assigned to them and also how to run machines that are meant to do some tasks in the field they have specified. 3 Artificial intelligence Additionally, students should be aware not to pursue old fashioned courses where human labor has been replaced with machines. Students need to be given guidance on the type of jobs that are convenient in the technological world and the type of training they will pursue. This will ensure that students are competitive in the job market. Students should always ensure that any course they pursue has some computer basis for them to be computer literate as it seems every task in the future will require an individual to have some computer knowledge. Students should also be prepared to face more complexity and novelty in their future employment because of the automation brought about by AI. Students need to always be creative so as to be able to deal with challenges brought about by AI and automation. They need to be creative so as to invent machines that are more effective and productive in performing different tasks. By being creative, they will be able to develop these machines and even offer training to people who are willing to operate such machines hence creating employment for them rather than waiting to be employed. Students also expect that they will have to spend little time at their work place as compared to the amount of time that people spend at work currently due to AI and automation (Haar, J.2018). Therefore, there is an expectation by students that they will be able to spend more time with family and socializing. It will also give them an opportunity to have side gigs apart from their employment where they will be able to earn more income. There is an expectation by students that working will be less hectic and enjoyable. The level of stress that comes with long working hours is also expected to reduce as employees will get enough time to rest. Students also expect that a lot will have to be done in training institutions as well as to individuals who are working to deal with automation that has been brought about by AI. 4 Artificial intelligence Institutions will have to include some important aspects of AI in their course description so as to enable students to learn about the aspects of AI early enough (Dhar, V.2016). Students also expect to get on job training while at work so as to better equip themselves with new skills on how to operate AI machines. Finally, students expect that diversity challenges and bias will reduce at the work place with AI. Recruitment and performance management will be carried out without any bias when AI is used. 5 Artificial intelligence References Brougham, D., & Haar, J. (2018). Smart technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and algorithms (STARA): employees’ perceptions of our future workplace. Journal of Management & Organization, 24(2), 239-257. Dhar, V. (2016). The future of artificial intelligence. Frey, C. B., & Osborne, M. A. (2017). The future of employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?. Technological forecasting and social change, 114, 254-280. 6 ...
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