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Here is a link to a Spotify playlist, entitled Covers. (Links to an external site.)The list consists of song sets, each with an original version of a song or piece of music, followed by one or more covers of the music. In the case of the Pachelbel (written in 1701), the first version on the list is in the period style - in toher words imagining how it sounded in 1701. Pick one set (a set is all the versions of the same piece, for example there are two versions of Mrs. Robinson), listen to all of the versions and answer the following questions. If you don't use Spotify, here is a list of the titles and artists; you should have no problem finding one of the sets on Youtube or any other streaming service.

  1. What is the overall effect, emotion or feel for the original?
  2. How does (do) the Cover(s) change the effect, emotion or feel of the original? Speak to your personal response, don't worry about music vocabulary.
  3. In your perception, is one more "authentic" than the other? Why or why not.
  4. Do all of the versions similar in terms of arousal, valence and depth?

Here is the link:

after you finish the question, please reply 5 sentences of one student's answer.

I chose the song "Oh, Pretty woman" by Roy Orbison. The original version by Roy Orbison is pretty relaxing and hippie. It gives me the image of a cowboy singing this song on the farm to express his emotion and feeling of his Pretty woman". The cover versions definitely have created different effects and emotions. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra version doesn't have the vocal part and I feel like I am being brought into a royal music theater in London when I am listening to this song. In the original version, the romance is between a guy having his crush on a pretty woman but in this orchestra version is more like they are playing this at their wedding. The Count Basie version is pretty surprising because I can't even tell if they are the same song after listening to it at the first time. This version is more laid-back and I can imagine myself walking in NYC while listening to this song. I feel like different versions can bring me into different settings of this song.

The original version is definitely more authentic than the cover versions when it comes to the comparison between showing the original emotion/message of the song. But other versions also use different instrument which has given a new life to this song. I think the original version and the Count Basie version is more similar than the orchestra version in terms of the similarity of arousal, valence, and depth. I think that's because of the use of the instrument and the length of the song.

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For this discussion, I chose the song Mrs. Robinson, which was written by Simon and
Garfunkel. The original version of this song is that of hope and encouragement; it gives an aura
of love and hate all at the same time. The emotions exhibited through this song are quite
diversified and may trigger different emotional feelings to an individual depending on their
personal life experiences or encounters.
The cover versions of the song have changed the feeling and emotion of the song in
entirely all a...

Great study resource, helped me a lot.


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