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Imagine you are hosting a foreign exchange student from France during the Thanksgiving holiday. What norms and values would you teach the student in order for him or her to not feel out of place at the dinner table?

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A person’s ability to adapt in society is not part of their genetic heritage. Instead it is found in culture and society. Culture relates to the customs of people, while society relates to the people practicing the customs.

This module outlines the components of culture, cultural unity, and diversity. It reviews the key concepts to social structure, the process of socialization through foundations, its relationship to the development of the self, and how it changes nature over the life course.

Many different cultures exist in society and are largely distinguished through norms, values, and symbols or language. And, although cultural unity can bring many people together under one umbrella, it is the subcultures and countercultures that differentiate the groups. Each group, like a club or board of directors, has specifics that interweave people’s interactions and relations in recurrent and stable patterns. That is where the social structure is built.

Socialization is the backbone of cultures and the perpetuation of society. People and society are mutually dependent on it. Charles Horton Cooley, George Herbert Mead, and Erving Goffman each had theories on the formation of the self. No matter how self-socialization is viewed, socialization is a continuing, a lifelong process.

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Sociology Discussion Question Module 2
Socialization enables people to learn and internalize new values and norms in new
countries, jobs, and relationships. Values comprise of ideas which are desirable, good, and
correctly shared by the majority of the society (Socialization 00:02:15). Norms specify right and
inappropriate behavior in various circumstances enabling people to align their actions with others
in the community (Hughes 43). For instance, people from foreign countries must learn the norms
and values of the host country so that they may feel part of it. As host to a foreign exchange student
from France during the thanksgiving holiday, I will t...

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