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Do Teenagers Spend Much Time on their Cellphones?
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Do Teenagers Spend Much Time on their Cellphones?
One of the most utilized technology across the globe is the use of smartphones to
undertake various technological activities including browsing, communicating, calculating,
storing data, and taking photos and videos among others. While technology has proved to be
good to the modern world, it has had numerous potential repercussions among people of
different ages including adults and teenagers (Bheemarasetty, 2017). Technology is associated
with many young people including teenagers and young adults. Most teenagers tend be excited
towards the advancing technology today than people of other ages. Majority of millennials
started accessing cellphones not at a very young age compared to the current teenagers. Most
teenagers started accessing and using smartphones and other cellphones at a younger age to play
games and press them to entertain themselves just by seeing it react to their pressing (Paul,
2018). An average person is said to spend about 11 hours on phone in the contemporary world
regardless of whether they are doing something meaningful or not. Cellphones are good in terms
of their efficiency, portability, and simplicity. However, the negative effects that they bring to
the society are noteworthy and may need to be controlled adequately before it affects young and
other people. The fact that majority of teenagers spend much time on cellphones is indubitable
but many people are not aware of the adverse effects of spending much time on any kind of
Spending Time on Cellphones
Many people tend to be easily addicted to cellphones for one reason or another. For
instance, addiction of teenagers to cellphones may happen for the like of online videos, reading,
learning, communicating, relationships, pornography, and surfing (Elbert, 2015). Spending much



time on cellphones may be due to good or bad reasons. Addiction to cellphone, however, is not
recommendable whether one does a good or bad activity. Majority of teenagers who spend much
time using smartphones are believably doing irrelevant or bad activities that would not be
supported by their parents. A study by Pew Research Center found out that about 60% of
teenagers between age 13 and 17 admit that one of their major problems that they have to deal
with daily is controlling the time they spend on social media using their smartphones (Anderson,
2018). Cellphones have made accessibility to the internet relatively easier, which is goof but can
be negatively effective especially to the teenagers who may not have total control of their time.
Everyone seems to have their reason for spending much time using their smartphones. Many
teenagers refer to their spending much time on cellphones as a problem, which means it affects
them negatively rather than otherwise.
Studies have revealed that teenagers find it quite hard to avoid social media; this leads
them to having their cellphones at the palm of their...


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