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Hello.  I haven't received the feedback yet, but I thought I would submit this for you to consider.  I have also attached my revised paper that you worked on prior so you have this to add to.  I can let you know what input the instructor sends once it is received.  Thanks!!!!

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Based on the feedback you received on your submission from last  week, submit a revised draft of your paper with this additional information:

  1. Five additional references that could be used for your research  paper and include a 1-2 sentence description for each of the  five additional references, explaining how they fit with the research topic and  the research question proposed. Make sure that these references come from scholarly sources.
  2. A  very detailed outline of what you would like to cover in the intro/lit review of your paper. Write it  as an outline and think about what you want each paragraph or section to  cover. Paste your references into each section where the information from  that article applies to the topic. Below is an example of the outline although  the references have not been pasted in yet:
    1. Introduction or Statement of the Problem (e.g. Predictors of  Depression in Men)
      1. Research question (E.g. What factors predict depression in  men? For example, age, marital status, family history, stressors).
      2. Why is it important/implications  (E.g. xx% of men are  depressed; less likely to seek treatment; if we can identify who is at risk,  may be able to direct them to treatment sooner)
      3. Revised hypothesis based on feedback from the instructor
    2. Review of the Literature (the following is an example for above  topic):
      1. Brief description of depression, symptoms, and any unique symptoms  for men (Cite articles from which you will obtain this information).
      2. How widespread is it? Stats on depression in general but also  stats on depression in men (Cite articles from which you will obtain this  information).
      3. List factors that put men at risk for depression (Cite articles).
        1. Difficulty communicating distress or sadness (Cite articles).
        2. Job/work pressures (Cite articles).
      4. Demographic characteristics (Cite articles).
        1. Relationship between age and depression (Cite articles).
        2. Relationship between marital status and depression (Cite  articles).
  3. A 1-2 page description of the sample you would like to use for  your study, that provides the answer to the following questions:
    1. What sampling technique would you use?
    2. Does the sample generalize to the population? Explain why or why  not.
    3. What inclusion criteria would be used? What exclusion criteria  would be used, if any?
    4. What ethical issues might be encountered when collecting your  information from this sample?
  4. Be sure to also submit all your ten references (the five from last  week and the five new ones you added) in an APA-style reference page. Be sure  to also include an APA-style title page with your submission. Your paper should  be at least 2-3 pages long. Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and  organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation  and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and  punctuation.

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