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Afreen Kauser - Wednesday, 17 July 2019, 11:55 PM What is a team? Team is a group of people working together on a common task or goal. Team is not only in the corporate companies; it is also within a social group for common cause. Team’s main purpose is to plan, solve problems, making decision, so that they can serve customer better (LUCAS, 2019). Teamwork is most important in team for the productivity and to achieve the goal. Without teamwork, there won’t be any unity and collaboration. Team work helps in improving work, supportive, being innovative, etc. Teamwork helps in solving any issues and successful if work together with high results of production (YTI, 2015). Types of team: There are 4 types of team, they are: functional team, in which purchasing and design function is related to each other and other functions; crossfunctional team, in this team work for common goal and in this team there are diverse team working on common task; virtual team is also another type of team which works remotely and available anytime according to the time zone of their jurisdiction with different culture and language; selfdirected team is a team which for informal and work together on the goal as they are independent (4 Types of Teams, 2007). High performance of team: When there is common vision, goal, task, collaboration, and challenges with the zeal to achieve them with amazing outcome, then it is called as high performance of team. In every team or company, there are metrics which estimate the performance both high and low. High performance can be performed through following: having a clear vision about the task and to accomplish them, to have problem solving skills, to manage conflicts properly, product meeting participation, working cross function, understand roles and responsibilities clearly, very good communication, and set priorities (Developing High Performing Teams, 2015). Low performance of team: Low performance worries high level managers and stakeholders, and results in low productivity and no-profit or in other words loss. Low performance has a negative impact on business as they lose customers. Low performance cause can be due to overwhelming of personal issues, misconduct, design of job and targets on the capability behavior or work attitude (IES, 2019). As there is a cause, there is a cure too, low performance can be improved by being specific, dealing with it ASAP, being prepared and face it, by understanding the fact externally, by training accordingly, and by motivating the employees (Burke, 2019). References: 4 Types of Teams. (2007). Retrieved from Burke, M. (2019). 15 Effective Ways to Deal with an Underperforming Employee. Retrieved from Developing High Performing Teams. (2015). Retrieved from IES. (2019). Report summary: Tackling Poor Performance. Retrieved from LUCAS, S. (2019). What Is the Purpose of a Team? Retrieved from YTI. (2015). REASONS TEAMWORK IS IMPORTANT IN THE WORKPLACE. Retrieved from
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I like your postulates in trying to define a team. I must agree that a team is comprised of a
group of people who come together in the achievement of a set target. Teams are essential to
both corporate companies as well as socia...

Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.

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