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Scenario: Your boss wants to know how to detect an intrusion into or an attack on
the ecommerce network. Your boss also wants to know what hardware or software
should be procured for intrusion detection.

a 2- to 3-page (@ 400 wpp)
business report describing the hardware and/or software you believe should be
considered for implementation.  Include
your reasoning for why the described hardware and/or software should be
procured and implemented. Address the following questions raised by your boss:

  • Does a properly
         installed and maintained firewall provide adequate defense against

  • What is an IPS and
         do we need one in an ecommerce network?

  • Do we need a group
         of network personnel to monitor the ecommerce network for intrusions 24/7?

  • Will any of this
         hardware or software facilitate a real-time response to an intrusion?

Format your business report consistent with APA guidelines.

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