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This milestone you will put it all together into one polished presentation using the topic you selected. Speaker notes will be included as if you were going to present to the class or audience.

Make sure your presentation addresses the following components:

  • Describe and explain a sociological phenomenon and/or social issue.
  • Select a sociological perspective that applies to your topic and explain how/why the perspective applies (functionalist, conflict, interactionist, feminist)
  • Why did you choose to research this specific issue and why is it significant?
  • What are the benefits of understanding this issue and what can we do to learn more about it or what can we do address this issue in our society?

Guidelines for Submission:

  • PowerPoint presentation, 7– 10 slides, include speaker notes as if you were going to present your presentation to the class.
  • Your speaker notes can be submitted as a separate document or can be included in the notes area within your PowerPoint presentation. If you supply your speaker notes as a separate document – the document must be typed, Times New Roman 12 pt. font and double spaced.
  • Keep it Simple.
  • Limit bullet points & text
  • Limit transitions & builds (animation)
  • Use high-quality graphics
  • Have a visual theme or template
  • Use appropriate charts citing where you retrieved these images
  • Use color well
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read
  • Submission must also include a list of references formatted in APA style.

Below is an attachment of resources used for the topic.

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Terrorism and violence Tarlow, P. E. (2015). Religion, Violence and Terrorism. International Journal of Safety and Security in Tourism and Hospitality, 1(12), 1. Tarlow, in this research article, explains the relationship between religion, violence, and terrorism. Violence and terrorism are severe sociological issues that are affecting many people around the world. The worst part is that individuals that engage behind terrorism and violence use religion to justify their actions. The contradiction comes in since when we look at history, other religions used to apply violence to justify controlling the world. The author looks at different religions and their concepts concerning violence. Similarly, the study looks at weapons of mass destruction. The author explains that in any war, there is bound to have collateral damage, and those affected are innocent civilians. The same case applies to terrorism, which is pinned on the ideology of religion and secular. When it comes to extreme violence and terrorism, it attacks victims based on their difference nationality, race, religion, political tendency, and personal philosophy. The reason for choosing this source is because it stipulates well a sociological issue that one is able to relate. Even though politics is involved in all these, it is unfortunate that every side wants to justify the need for using violence to solve a conflict. Unfortunately, people who are affected by war and terrorism are innocent civilians whose normal living is destroyed. Religion is quite a sensitive issue and thus getting to research extensively on how those who use it to justify their actions do so. Therefore, I can say that this source will enable me to recommend long-lasting solutions to the global menace called violence and terrorism. Saiya, N. (2019). Religion, state, and terrorism: A global analysis. Terrorism and Political Violence, 31(2), 204-223. This article elucidates two methods through which countries involvement in religion, minority, generates terrorism. A study was conducted based on a time series whereby an analysis was conducted on 174 countries. It was discovered that when the religious minority feel marginalized, they attempt to make themselves relevant through violence. The reason for selecting this source is due to the fact that it is a sociological issue that the society is grappling with. It is evident that people who feel that their religion is inferior vent their frustration through violence. Some of their actions have been catastrophic to the extent that they have left thousands dead and stable governments destroyed. Therefore, through this source people will understand the importance of embracing minority religion. Rausch, C. C. (2015). Fundamentalism and terrorism. Journal of Terrorism Research. In the 21st century, there has been increased incidents of terrorist activities. Notably, most of them are directed from religious groups. Therefore, this study aimed at investigating why religious activities are being used to fuel acts of terrorism. In addition, it sought to investigate how religion has increased terrorist activities. The reason for selecting this source is to make people understand the connection between fundamentalism, religion, and terrorism. The society needs to understand why most terrorist activities are being linked to religious affiliation. Dawson, L. L. (2018). Challenging the curious erasure of religion from the study of religious terrorism. Numen, 65(2-3), 141-164. This source aimed at elucidating the link between religion and terrorism. It goes ahead to reveal that there is a dispute among scholars since some of them believe that acts of terrorism are caused by other activities other than religion. In addition, it criticizes the role then at religion plays in terrorism. This source was chosen since it proves to the society that terrorism can be fueled by other activities apart from religion. It can assist the social context since people can stop alienating individuals from minority groups. ...
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Terrorism and Violence
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❑ Introduction
❑ Source 1, 2, and 3
❖Sociological perspective that applies to terrorism and
❖Reason for choosing to research on terrorism and violence
and its significance
❖Benefiting of understanding terrorism and violence to the

❑ How/why the perspective applies (functionalist,
conflict, interactionist, feminist)
❑ Recommendations
❑ Conclusion
❑ References

❑Definition of terrorism
❑Definition of viol...

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