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The Renaissance was a rebirth of Greek and Roman culture, both of which placed the human at the center of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Michaelangelo's Ceiling from the Sistine Chapel are two famous artworks from the Renaissance that both reflect and respond to the resurgence of humanism in European history. Both depict the human body, but in very different ways. For this Case Assignment, give a formal analysis of these two artworks, focusing on how the human body is being represented. 1. the history of Renaissance art and these two artists in particular, 2. what humanism is and, 3. how Da Vinci and Michaelangelo approach the representation of the human body differently. You can focus on any or all of the fresco paintings on Michaelangelo's ceiling. The Creation of Adam being the most famous.

Write at minimum three to four pages not including images or references.

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include a seprate cover And Reference page at the end that includes every website and article which you base your information and analysis. In the reference list, please note that a URL with no additional information is not a complete reference. Over time, link root will make any URL useless. Each reference should contain all the information a reader would need to find the source.

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Image of Mona Lisa and Sistine Chapel
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Image of Mona Lisa and Sistine Chapel
History of Renaissance
The Renaissance was ardent was an epoch of European economic, political, artistic, and
cultural rebirth right after the Middle Ages. In general, the period is perceived to have taken
place in the era ranging from the 14th-17th century; the Renaissance indorsed the reawakening of
classical art, literature, and philosophy (Panofsky, 2018). Some of the famous artists, scientists,
diplomats, authors, and thinkers in human record strived amid this duration, while international
exploration depicted new cultures and lands to the European economy. The Renaissance is
ascribed with bridging the distance or the gap between modern-day civilization and the Middle
Most of the academicians and scholars trust that the downfall of the Renaissance was
because of different compounding reasons and factors. At the windup of the 15th century, many
wars had beleaguered the Italian Peninsula. German, French, And Spanish assailan...

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