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Develop a three-year HR forecast (prediction of the future) using the following assumptions:

A. Labor supply/demand will become more rigorous (demand for workers will increase, but the labor pool will remain the same or shrink). Labor costs will increase.

B. Demand for Motors and More products will continue to increase. Production defects will also continue to increase.

C. Motors and More’s workforce will become more diverse as the company hires more Hispanics, Kurds and persons from alternative workforces.

D. The president will start another company and will hire someone to manage the daily operations of Motors and More while he takes on more of an overseeing role.

E. Motors and More will decide to develop an additional product to broaden its portfolio. There is no existing capacity for the product, nor do the existing production lines meet the manufacturing requirements for the new product.

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HR Forecast

Question 1.
The Motors and More Company has an issue with staffing, it has more work and fewer
employees, and the staff/labor turnover is also high. As a result of that, they will need to
outsource some of the work which they have problems handling like cleaning and also
maintenance. Since the need for labor or the demand for labor is high than the supply, it is good
for them to start replacing the need for a human resource wit...

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